The Human Genome Project

By: Mike Kelson and Nick Reardon

What is it?

The Human Genome Project was a thirteen year international project that involved The United States, China, Japan, France, Germany, and The United Kingdom to discover the human genome. This project successfully discovered all of the human genes and all three billion base pairs that make up our genome.

what is it for?

The Human Genome Project is used to identify all of our genes and all our genetic base pairs. We use this information to help scientist, researches, doctors, and more. We also stated this project for the sole purpose of using this information in the future to save and for more important projects.

The Benefits

The Human Genome project is nothing other then beneficial. We can use this important information to understand and to help fight genetic disorders. With this kind of information supplied now it can pay a great debt in our lifetime and for years to come.

The disadvantages

The Human Genome Project offers no disadvantage or overall risk but, there are some problems. The only problem to take note of are ethical problems. Some people don't like or want to even know this information based on their beliefs and religion. Many people think different in our society, and with that comes different sides and views based on projects such as this one.

How does it affect people?

Many different environmental and genetic factors can cause a genetic disorder. With the information found in the Human Genome Project we are capable of figuring out where these genetic disorders are occurring. Even one day it can be very possible to fix these problems. Overall, physically the Project can help many different organisms, whether its genetic disorders or even finding a solution to many genetic problems.


Economically speaking the project all together cost over three billion dollars in public funding. At the same time this also was an investment for our future. With us spending this money now to fund the project it most likely will save us a bunch of money in our future.
The race to sequence the human genome - Tien Nguyen

How does this affect our Environment?

With the Human Genome Project's finding we can use them to help our environment. With us knowing the sequences to our genome we can help fight genetic disorders and diseases. Also we can expand on these ideas and try to find genomes for other organisms and which will make our environment conditions better, healthier, and cleaner.

World and social impact

The Human Genome Project affects the world greatly. With us knowing the sequence to our own genome we can solve many problems in different studies and practices. On the social aspect the world can communicate better by using this information and expanding on it. With this kind of information as a whole we can do many things together.

The future

The Human Genome Project can be considered today as one of the biggest breakthroughs in genetic history. At this moment we are capable of figuring out so many things about homo sapiens and what we are made of and things we still do not know. We can build off of this and make it into so many different things. We can even maybe find other genomes for other organisms and then build off those ideas. With this kind of knowledge and information we can only imagine what were going to do next.

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