Racer 101

Murray State Class of 2019

Are you interested in participating in one of our Extended Orientation programs? Check out what Racer 101 can offer you as a future Racer and the opportunities that you will be able to experience through this awesome program!

What is Racer 101?

Racer 101 is the premier extended orientation program for first-year students. Racer 101 is designed to aid incoming students in their transition from high school to college by developing a diverse social network of classmates, upperclassmen, faculty and staff members and encouraging their bond to Murray State University through the introduction of campus culture and traditions.

This is a three night, four day program that costs a total of $140.

Dates for our Racer 101 programs:

Blue: June 7-10, 2015

Gold: July 7-10, 2015

Here is the link to our website with more information: http://www.murraystate.edu/HeaderMenu/Offices/OfficeOfRecruitment/Racer101.aspx

What is Racer 101?

How do you register for Racer 101?

Registration is open NOW! You can register HERE!

Once you have registered, we will hold your reservation until we receive your $140.00 fee. Because space is limited, you will want to send in your payment as soon as possible. Once we receive your payment, we will send a confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. Please make checks payable to Murray State University and mail to MSU Office of Recruitment, Racer 101, 102 Curris Center, Murray KY 42071.

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Mallory LaPlant

Assistant Coordinator of New Student Programs

Office of Recruitment

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