Week 14: EMS Family Newsletter

The What-to-Knows at Estacada Middle School for Families

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Week 14 at EMS: Dec 6-Dec 10 (There Are 2 Weeks Between Now and Winter Break, 10 School Days)

Staff Will Increase Use of ParentSquare to Communicate

Your feedback from the Parent Satisfaction Survey as well as conversations during Site Council indicate we must change our approach to inform you about how well your student is learning at EMS.

Please click here to download the mobile app.

We will begin to use ParentSquare posts and messages to communicate more frequently and with more intention about how well your student is learning. Please expect an increase in ParentSquare communications from EMS.

We appreciate your feedback and we are your proud partner in your student's K-12 journey.

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What Science Looks like at EMS! Go Tigers!

EMS Winter Music Concert

Tuesday, Dec. 14th, 7pm

500 Northeast Main Street

Estacada, OR

25% of our students are musicians! Whether or not our students are members of Choir or Band, EMS' musicianship is strong at school. We are proud of our young musicians are are looking forward to the Holiday Concert at EMS on Tuesday, December 14 at 7:00pm.

Wear your Winter sweaters and outfits (and masks) and join us to celebrate the holiday season, Winter, and the joy of our students. Go Tigers!

Thank You for Your Feedback: Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences

During the week of Thanksgiving we hosted 933 Conferences with families (152 more conferences than last year). After parent-teacher conferences, you provided feedback to us about your experience. Below are take-aways from the feedback.

Spirit Week: The Week Prior to Winter Break

We are excited to host Spirit Week from Monday, December 13 to Friday December 17. Students will have an opportunity to show school spirit, pride, and dress up. Fun, togetherness, and culture are important components of a healthy school. We are looking forward to Spirit Week!
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Lunch Detention Systems Begin this Week

Starting this week we will begin adding lunch detentions into our school-wide system. We want to enforce school rules with transparency. We want our families to know ahead of time about new rules being established.

Why: Our daily average of students receiving 2 or more tardies has increased and we need to prioritize students being in class and on time. Students who are late are causing disruptions to their own and to others' learning. Preparedness is a prerequisite to learning. We need to set boundaries to help our students' readiness for high school and future careers.

What is a Tardy: Arriving to class late and entering class after the bell rings or leaving class during the first 10 minutes of class will be considered a Tardy

How: Lunch detention(s) will be assigned to any student who is late two or more times from the previous day (ex. if you are tardy twice on Monday, you have detention on Tuesday).

When: During 1st and 2nd Lunches. Lunch detention last for all of lunch/recess

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Girls Basketball Starts on January 4

The 21/22 Girls Basketball Season will start on Tuesday, January 4. Prior to the first practice you must have turned in a Physical (completed by your doctor within the last 2 years), register on Family ID and pay the athletic fee of $125 to the EMS Front Office. Please call the Front Office at 503-630-8516 if you would like to see if your student's physical is still current.

The registration, physical and fees must be received by the first practice or the student athlete may attend but not participate in practice. Please click on the link to register your athlete. This will only need to be completed once a year and will follow your student into Estacada High School. You must complete a Family ID registration. If you are uncertain if there is a physical on file at EMS please call Anjie @ 503-630-8516 xt. 2501 to confirm.


Please call 503-630-8516 or email emsinfo@estacada.k12.or.us if there are any questions.

Go Tigers!!!

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Reminder: Masks Required at School, In-Building

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Virtual Snow School Days Are Coming

As winter weather approaches, our district is prepared to transition in-person learning to distance learning to keep school going even during inclement weather. This means that instead of having no school during snow days, your child’s academic progress won’t skip a beat. Students will transition to virtual learning.

Prepare your children by ensuring that they are bringing their school device home every evening, and contact your child’s school if you need a hotspot or additional support to ensure that you have home internet access.

Learn More About Virtual Snow Days

Click on this button to view information about our Virtual Snow Days, How your student attends learning, and Why we are implementing Virtual Snow Days

Emergency Broadband Benefit

This is a program being offered to families through the government. It is for families that may need to get the Internet into their homes. We want all students to have access to the internet.

Families: Please visit Reliance Connect's website and the very first thing that comes up is the Emergency Broadband Benefit program. Follow the prompts through the different paperwork and it is fairly easy to apply.

You are eligible to receive $50.00 a month toward getting your internet connected. All you need to do is follow the links. Most of the programs through Reliance are only $59.00 so this would cover all but 9.00.

Families qualify if they:

1- are low income,

2-have children that qualify for free and reduced lunches,

3-Received a Federal Pell Grant,

4-Are SNAP eligible,

5- Had a substantial loss of income due to job loss or were furloughed and had an income of below 99,000.00 single filers and 198,000.00 for Joint filers.

Emergency Broadband Benefit

Click Here If Your Family Qualifies

Positive Covid-19 Test During the Weekend? Let us know!

Call the weekend COIVD-19 case hotline on the weekend. It is self-automated; select the right school (per the prompt) and leave a message. The voicemail you leave will be directed to our Vice-Principal, Mr. Kelley so we can begin to identify potential close contacts.

The number you need to call to notify us about your student's positive case is: 971-220-6594. Thank you for partnering with use to keep our students in the classroom with as little interruption as possible.

Estacada Middle School

Our mission is to equip each student with the skills necessary to be resourceful and successful.
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Go Tigers!