A Major Issue Teens Face Everyday

The Roles in Bullying

  • Bully

These are the kids that are causing the bullying to happen. They usually bully others because they are overcoming a challenging thing in their life

  • Kid Who is Getting bullied

This is the person who is the victim of the bullying. Sometimes bullied because of certain characteristics like what they look like, their beliefs, and what they enjoy doing.

  • Assisters

These are the kids that are encouraging and supporting the bullying. Sometimes they join in.

  • Reinforcers

These are the people that are laughing at the victim and they are engaged in the bullying but supporting it.

  • Bystander

These are the kids that aren’t doing anything. They don’t reinforce the bully and the don’t try to help the target of the bully. Sometimes they watch what is happening but they still show what side they are on. These people are still encouraging bullying

  • Kids That Defend

These are the children that are actually helping the target of the bully and they are trying to comfort them. They are trying to stop the bullying

What You Need to Do if You Are Getting Bullying

  • Speaking Up

Tell an adult that you think can help you like a teacher or a parent.

  • Work it out yourself

Try to ignore the bully especially if it is verbal bullying. Just try to stay positive. If you see that the bully is coming towards you just walk away.

  • The People around You

Stick with the kind of people that you know you can count n and that are always by your side through thick and thin. Don’t surround yourself with people who don’t even care about your well being.

  • Stand Up For Yourself

Be nice to the bully and if they see that you won’t let them get to you they might back off. Another way is to use humor. Humor is another way to show that whatever the bully says to you, you aren’t letting it get to you.

  • Turn the other cheek

  • If you are being cyber bullied remember to print everything out

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Different Types of Bullying

  • Physical Bullying

Some examples are hitting, tripping, pushing, or damaging someone else's property

  • Verbal Bullying

Includes insulting, name calling, teasing, intimidation, verbal abuse, homophobic remarks, and racist remarks

  • Hidden Bullying

This type of bullying is done behind somebody's back and hurts someone's social reputation and sometimes humiliates the victim. Some examples are spreading rumors, playing jokes that humiliate or embarrass the target, and encouraging others to exclude the person being bullied.

  • Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is hidden bullying and verbal bullying using technology. For example, social media, texting, instant messaging, and more. Cyberbullying includes hurtful posts, others leaking the targets private things online, gossiping and making rumors online, excluding others online, and using other people’s accounts to say bad things about somebody.

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Effects of Bullying

Bullying has many affects on the target. Bullying can lead to anxiety, self harm, social problems, physical injuries, low self-esteem, depression, and even death. Bullying also affects academic performance. Both the bullies and the victims are at higher risk for mental and behavioral problems. Studies have now shown that kids are at higher risk for depression if they are cyber bullied.
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