Personal Safety Education

April 28, 2015

Attached is a sign-up sheet for Personal Safety Education that will be provided in May by the Victims Center out of Springfield.

Ideally, we would love to see each class individually so students can remain focused easier. Even though the educator, Malissa, will be here for 3 days we are still going to need to double-up on some classes to see every classroom. If you do double-up, please do so with the same grade level. Please select a date and time by May 1.

Just some back ground info-Malissa has been providing this training since 1998. She travels to schools all over southwest Missouri providing education from K-college years.

With our age group she will address with them how it is never ok to keep bad secrets, who to talk to if they ever feel uncomfortable, scared, or confused. She will provide a list of safety rules to send home with all students so they can continue the discussion of personal safety at home with their parents.

Sandy Simpson