Native Ameracans in mountains

by Jonathan and John and Gissell

What Native american tribes lived in the mountions and why?

The first Native Americans tribe to live in the mountains is the Cherokee.They lived there for all the food.They also stayed there for the water and there supplies to make there tools and homes.This is what one of the Cherokee houses look like.

What the Cherokee use to make there homes and what they ate?

The things they used to make there houses is grass,dirt,clay,hay,water, and mud. The things they ate is turkey,fish,bear,vegetables,fruit,deer, and rabbits.This is what there food looks like.

What they used to make there tools?

The things they used to make there tools is wood,string,stone,feathers,and flint to make there tools. here is some tools they used.

What are the rolls?

chefs,companions,and democracy.