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2/12: Valentines Day Party (2:00)

On February 12th, we will celebrate Valentine's Day. Some students may choose to bring in valentines for their classmates. I have sent home a class list with your child, so if your child chooses to bring in valentines, he/she can make sure to make a valentine for every classmate.

2/15: No School: President's Day

2/16: No School: Professional Development for Teachers

Homophone Pear Tree!

This week, 3K readers studied homophones. Students learned that homophones are words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things. Students practiced their homophones as their spelling words this week. To show off their knowledge of homophones, students created a Homophone Pear Tree! Students found pairs of homophones to write on their pears, and then added it to our tree.
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Persuasive Writing Published with Tellagami

3K persuasive writers have been working hard to master the strategies of persuasive writing. Students have learned how to address their audience to make their audience care about their thesis. Writers have also learned how to write a brave and bold thesis to clearly state what they want from their audience. Persuasive writers have also learned how to write a strong introduction to grab their audience right away. Students have worked hard to persuade their audience to agree with their thesis. 3K's Persuasive speech writers have published their speeches using the app Tellagami. Below you will find the writers' of 3K's persuasive speeches. Be ready to be convinced!
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