Weekly Update

Jan. 22-25

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Upcoming Dates

  • Parking Lot Duty: Mrs. Hoffer
  • Mon, Jan. 21: No School
  • Wed, Jan. 23: School wide SAT review 2nd hour - Math/Women's Ag Conference (see email from Mrs. Krug)
  • Thurs, Jan 24: SAT practice tests 1st-5th hrs (jrs)
  • Thurs, Jan. 31: NAEP Testing - seniors
  • Fri, Feb. 1: Progress Reports

Weekly Vocab

  • Amiable - friendly
  • Stagnant - not moving
  • Banal- common
  • Barrage - bombardment, torrent
  • Spurn - reject with contempt
  • Factors - numbers that make up another number

Evaluation/SLO Reminders

  • Don't wait till the last minute to start your SLO's! Don't forget everyone must complete 2 SLO's each school year and can run a maximum of 4 per year. If you are being evaluated, they must be completed by February 1st.
  • Artifacts for teachers being evaluated are only needed for domains 1 and 4. These must also be submitted to me by February 1st.
  • The sooner SLO's are completed and artifacts are turned in, the sooner we can complete your Summative Evaluation together. Thanks for your cooperation!
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