CRC Day Pass

Requested by your instructor

Join us for some one on one time!

We politely request your presence in the English and Social Science Core Resource Center. In an effort to better serve our students we are here to help and guide students when there is evidence of educational support.

A one time day pass, is better than a schedule-changing referral!

Come on... one day, painless and there are treats for your cooperation.

Guaranteed to move you ahead. All it takes is your cooperation.

Do I have to? No you don't. We are not here to fight with you. We are here to help you reach the goal set by your instructor.
What happens if I don't go? Well...That depends, but it probably means a full referral with schedule change and parental contact.
Why wouldn't I take help when offered? We don't know. Most people would like to be successful in the work they do. We want you to be successful and are here to do what we can with your cooperation.