April Private School Newsletter


Teachers Notes:

Academics during March had so many incredible dynamics. K-5 worked on a program called, shop till they drop. This March lesson was working with math and lifeskills. Depending on the age and grade of the student, they were learning about coins and bills. Some students were learning the value of money. Many kids were learning how to spend, budget, count their money and for the older children, learn how much they would get back in return. Some children enjoyed shopping more and others enjoyed working at the "store". It was such a fun lesson for all ages. During the lesson, the children also learned about the presidents/historical figures on each dollar bill and coin. I know everyone enjoyed the shop till you drop event in March. Each week the students cannot wait to see what Friday brings in their Stem lesson/Fun Fridays. We love making the adorable video collage every Friday and posting the Fun Fridays on Facebook. Academic students are learning at every grade level to "Speak The Language" of any subject that they cover in class. Whether we are telling a story, reading a piece of music, or working our way through new math equations and concepts. We want to recognize, understand and express each language clearly and easily. One of Ms. Nicollette and Ms. Lori's favorite moments took place during math class this past month. While they were working on a new complex lesson, every student stayed focused and positive. They stuck with it, even though we were diving into unfamiliar math ideas, symbols, and vocabulary. The mood remained so full of JOY! About twenty minutes later into the lesson, every student blurted out-practically in unison-"Oh! I get it! It's so simple!" For everyone, the lightbulb went on and we were able to build upon that new idea with the rest of the concepts in the chapter. Its not just math that they are handling so beautifully as the year wraps up, they are learning to govern themselves, persevere, and focus independently- even while they enjoy the company of friends. Ms. Nicollette and Ms. Lori are very eager and excited about April. Our academic teachers stated, "Everything in nature is growing and so are our magnificent students."

Centre Stage Performing Arts:

Mr. Edgars music class is working hard on their Piano Party that they will perform for their families. "The Tortoise and The Hare" is the story that they will be using for the Piano Party. So far they have composed songs about the story, they have learned new terminology to describe music and they have learned how to play better in an ensemble. Can you believe how amazing this is? It's truly special that grades K-5 and all levels participate in this and successfully feel fantastic in the ability of their musical journey. Mr. Edgar expressed how much he loves to see his students get so creative and think outside the box when writing their own songs. Each Song is unique even though everyone is writing about the same subject. Their compositions reveal all the things that they have learned. Its not just knowing the theory, but also being able to practice and use theory to create. Mr. Edgar can not express enough how much he loves his students and the family feeling they all have for each other. They truly care about each other and he shared that it is so special to be part of that as their teacher.

Mr. Kevins Bible Study class was a fun month! They leaped from the wonders and history of the Old Testament into the exciting news of Jesus Birth! They learned about John the Baptist, the voice calling out from the wilderness. Mr. Kevin brings so much music into this class as I am sure you have enjoyed some of it on our Facebook page. Mr. Kevin plans to look at the calling of Jesus' 12 disciples and even become disciples ourselves, being living examples of Jesus as true followers under his teachings. Mr. Kevin is looking forward to teaching the kids about the passionate sacrifice of God's Son for us and ultimately the resurrection of Jesus this Easter, He has risen!

Miss Lyndsey's Tap Dance and Theater classes are never anything but a very happy good time. In March they focused on working together as a team/ensemble. This is not only a LifeSkill but a wonderful LifeSkill that can be taught in drama classes because you have to be able to do this in acting. One example of how they had fun learning this LifeSkill in acting class was they played a game called, "Towel." Miss Lyndsey used a scarf instead of a towel. The students broke up into groups. In the first round, the students had to use their feet, hand, and elbow to move the scarf. They had to work together to accomplish individual and team goals. In the last round, everyone had to end up under the scarf. Miss Lyndsey loved how they each had to encourage each other and really work as a team to accomplish the goals. There are so many lessons in this very fun activity in acting but more so in growing up and life skills.

In Tap dance class, Miss Lyndsey is working on different lifts with the students. The children have truly enjoyed learning lifts and working as a team together. The consistent teamwork and encouragement have been amazing. In April, the students will work on their recital number which will be in May!

Miss Crystal's dance class has officially finished their Spring Recital dance. They worked so hard in March to accomplish this goal and now the focus will be to fine-tooth comb it before the actual recital in May. The students have enjoyed "the making of" their recital number. The song is about growing. How appropriate for every one of the students. The focus in April for Miss Crystals class will not only be perfecting the choreography for May Recital, "Brighter Than The Sun", but they will also be focusing on Sautés, which is a dance term for jumps.

We are all excited to Spring Into April together!

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April Verse Of The Month

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School Is Closed For Good Friday

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Private School Enrollment Packets Will Be Sent Home!

Our current students have the first offered seats for next school year. If you will be a returning student, please check your children's back packs next week for an Enrollment Packet. Please fill out Admissions Application and return back with your child. Heather Hultgren, Director Of Operations will be in touch for further information.
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