A Guide to ‘Booty Blueprint’ to Identify your Butt Type / Shape

Are you dying to get a perfectly shaped body? Well, you have to focus on both the upper and bottom part of your body to achieve an ideal figure. When it comes to working out for a supermodel stature, most of us concentrate only on the upper section of our body and neglect our booty. But, in order to get an attractive figure, you have to work on your buttocks and make them well-formed too.

What is ‘Booty Blueprint’?

Booty Blueprint is basically a procedure to identify unique types or shapes of booty. It comes with the well-known Brazilian butt lift workout to convert it into a customized program. As the nature and structure of our butts vary greatly, we need to find out its type at first, and start working out accordingly. Though our booty blueprint is not as exclusive as our fingerprints, it is extremely helpful in developing the right exercise programs for us so that we can get the best possible results.

Identifying the Type or Shape of Butt

You need to stand in front of a mirror and have a closer look at your backside to know the type of your booty. Usually, butts are classified into the following categories:

· Too Big or Heavy Butts: If your butts are fully round and have protuberances all over the place, you should identify it as too big or too heavy. It has been seen that the reason lying behind the formation of such big buttocks is ‘cellulite’ or ‘Adiposis Edematosa’, a medical condition in which the subcutaneous fat is stored within fibrous connective tissue. If you go through Brazil butt lift reviews, you will get to know that exercises like cardio and butt-sculpting can help you eliminate this issue and shape up your butts.

· Pear-Shaped Butts: It is considered as the most perfectly shaped booty. If you find your rear to be excessively curvy right below your waistline, you have got a pear-shaped booty. Your hips must be larger than your bust and hence, it should appear beautiful. You do not need to struggle hard to get nicely shaped butts.

· Too Flat or Square Butts: You might notice that you do not have sufficient curve in your rear side. The problem can be solely related to a flatter butt. Try to find out whether the shape of your bottom side is proper or not. If it is straight, you need to adopt some exercise programs that will make it curvier. Just add that oomph to your butts and you are done.

· Combination Butts: Apart from these three types, there is also another shape which is a combination of different types. If you have got combination butts, the chances are big that it would not fit appropriately in a single blueprint. Make sure that your workout program includes various exercises to work on different parts of your booty and make it nicely shaped.

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