How to make a neat bun

So it's simple💁

What you're going to need

Before starting, you need...

~1 medium sized pony holder

~6-10 hair pins or bobby pins

~hair clips (if wanted- to hold hair more tightly or to hide bumps)

~hairspray (if wanted)

Step 1

After brushing your hair until smooth, start by putting your hair in a pony tail. The position of your pony tail depends on where you want your bun to be. Try to have no bumps in your pony tail. If there is a bump, push down your hair where it is. Then clip the area you just pushed down to your head with a hair clip.

Step 2

Once your hair is in a pony tail, twist tightly starting from top to bottom.

Step 3

Next, Coil your hair while it's still twisted (be sure to hold the end of your hair while coiling)

Step 4

Then put in the pins at the edge of your bun. (See step 4 picture). It is best to start where the hair ends.

Step 5

fix any bumps with hair clips and lightly hairspray. And then your done!!