Friday, May 1, 2015

End-of-the Year Check List

There are a lot of year-end check lists out there, but I thought this was one of the most comprehensive.


End of the School Year Letter to Parents

Below is a letter I thought was really sweet for a teacher to send to the parents of students at the end of the school year. The only thing I think I would change is switching the "He" and "His" to "She" and "Her" in the case of letters going to girls.
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Explanations for Ratings of 50 Movies for Students

A group of teachers came u with a list of 50 moves for students. Each of the movies is listed with a summary, the length and the movie's rating. Besides just the rating of G, PG, or R, this site gives specific examples of reasons for the rating of each film. For example, below is how the site explained the PG rating of Back to the Future:

Sex & Nudity

A 'XXX' cinema is seen in the background of a small town twice.

Marty's father is shown as a window peeper in his youth.

Violence & Gore

During the dinner hall scene with Lorraine and Biff, Lorraine slaps Biff across the face.
You can see Biff lying motionless on the ground but no blood or bruising is seen.


Multiple uses of "Shit."

Three uses of "Goddamn".

A black character is called "spook".

Lorraine (at age 17) drinks alcohol and smokes a cigarette, but she is stopped on both occasions by Marty. He takes a sip of the alcohol but then spits it out.
Frightening/Intense Scenes

The scene where Marty starts to fade could be disturbing for young or sensitive Viewers.


Learn Latin, Old English, Sanskrit and Classical Greek in 10 lessons

Need something to do this summer? (Yea...right.)

The University of Texas Linguistics Research Center provides an excellent resource. In addition to hosting a multitude of Indo-European volumes in their entirety, the LRC has made 10-lesson crash courses, developed by several UT-Austin academics. Lessons include a brief guide to the alphabet, background knowledge on the language’s development, and a grammar guide, for 17 languages.


Beware: The Deep Web

Major search engines, such as Google sometimes can give over a billion hits on inoculate search terms. But even with this rate of return, major search engines search less that 10% of the web. (And that is a conservative estimate!)

The remainder is called "The Deep Web." A lot of the really bad "stuff"( human trafficking, drugs, etc.) is only found there.

This article explains this dark, dangerous abyss.