Vishwapriya Chakraborty

Technology Expert

Vishwapriya Chakraborty Strives To Meet The Online Security Needs Of His Clientele With Utmost Satisfaction

Vishwapriya Chakraborty is the owner of an online security agency in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Being a dedicated business professional, his utmost priority lies in adequately meeting the online security needs of his clientele that includes both individuals as well as business organizations. He caters to a wide segment of clients, a great percentage of whom are from countries, like – England, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan, India, China, Belgium, etc. To accomodate his clients worldwide and provide them with quality services, he has set up his offices in more than eighteen countries.

At present, he is focused on opening his first branch in Sri Lanka. Colombo being the commercial capital and largest city in Sri Lanka was the first choice of Vishwapriya to open his office; however due to certain reasons he could not proceed with the plan. Now, he has finalized “Galle” as the location, which is also one of the major cities in Sri Lanka, situated on the South West.

Besides continuously expanding his business, Vishwapriya Chakraborty is always on the lookout for ways to improve his services and retain the leading position he holds in the industry. His wide range of award-winning online security services are specially designed to prevent a crisis before it occurs. From writing & executing security policies & procedures; effectively tracking the security breaches; to conducting network audits for various security vulnerabilities; he provides everything needed to ensure a secure network.

Having worked in the technology industry for more than three decades, Vishwapriya Chakraborty feels that there is still a large segment of people, who are not aware of the significance of online security services. To spread awareness among these people, he keeps organizing seminars from time to time. In his recent seminar, he discussed the risks people take when they connect to the internet without online security. While shedding light on the possible risks, he said, “Without online security, computer viruses can corrupt, delete, & even hide information from you; spyware can steal your most private records or passwords & relay them back to its creator; and worms can replicate & infect a whole network of computers.”

During the seminars, Vishwapriya Chakraborty also tells the audience about how his online security services can help create an impenetrable barrier from Internet threats, like – malware, viruses, spam & spyware. In his offices, Vishwapriya has a team of online support experts, who provide round the clock monitoring & scheduled check-ups of the clients' accounts to ensure stay protected 24/7.