September 7- 11

Have a wonderful Labor Day Holiday Weekend! See everyone on Tuesday, September 8th!

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Dates to Remember

9/7 - Labor Day holiday/No School

9/8 - 3rd grade Parent Orientation 6:00 - 7:00

9/9 or 9/10 - 3rd grade students attend Water Proof Kids at the KISD Natatorium

9/14 - KHES PTA to host "Goodies with Grandparents" in the cafe

9/18 - Hats Off to Writing!

9/22 - Guided Reading with Claudia Brancato will spend 1/2 day with grade levels

  • 4th grade 7:30 - 11:30
  • 2nd grade 11:30 - 3;30
9/23 - Guided Reading with Claudia Brancato will spend 1/2 day with grade levels
  • 1st grade 7:30 - 11:30
  • 3rd grade 11:30 - 3:30
9/24 - PTA Meeting 6:00 followed by a Room Rep meeting in the PD room & the Watch Dog Dad Kick-off in the cafe

9/25 - All goals must be entered in Appraise
9/28 - Guided Reading with Claudia Brancato will spend 1/2 day with grade level

  • Kindergarten 7:30 - 11:30

Campus News

Most Awesome Teacher Parking Raffle

Every week, I will draw a name and the lucky winner gets their VERY own parking spot for a week. You will be able to park in the spot closest to the front of the school.

This week’s lucky winner is TORI BOUCHER!!!!!!! WhoHoo!!! Congratulations, TORI!!!

I-SIP Training - September 8th

On Tuesday, 1st - 4th grade teachers will be meeting with Tara during conference time to learn more about I-SIP and the new assessments that we will be giving this year.

At this time, we will be meeting in the PD room. Please be sure that you bring your laptop and whatever you need for notetaking.

A HUGE thanks to Tara for all of the extra time she has taken to put together this training! She is our HERO!

KHS Homecoming ~ WE NEED YOU!

The Homecoming Parade will take place on Monday, October 5 at 6:30 PM. The theme this year is: HOLLYWOOD! Any and all things that have to do with favorite fictional books and stories be highlighted. We anticipate incredible floats and other entries as always!

I am seeking as MANY volunteers as possible to be a part of this fun event. Our PTA has done a great job every year building an amazing float. I have enjoyed being on that float each each however Jeanna and I are hoping to increase the number of staff & students representing KHES. This is OUR campus and I'm hoping we can all share this pride together. We have a plan in place for inviting students (and their parents) to walk behind the float again but we WANT & NEED you too!

Please consider joining me on the float this year or if walking is your thing, you can do that instead. AND if you are interested in helping build our float, let me or Jeanna know.

Goal-Setting Conferences

All certified teachers should have already received an email from Jane or me regarding your goal setting conferences. The dates that have been set aside are as follows: September 9, 10, 11, 14, 17, 21, 24 & 25. Please stop by and see Jenni to set up your appointment.

All goals must be entered in Appraise by Friday, September 25.

Hats Off to Writing

Jane, Marsha, Brenda and Sarah met on Wednesday and have a great plan in place for our first school wide event. Many thanks for the extra time they have taken to meet and discuss this great event.

Friday, September 18th is Hats Off to Writing Day! Students are invited to celebrate their love of writing by decorating or making a hat with a descriptive word and decorations to represent that word and then wearing it to school on Friday during the school day. All students will write their word on a notecard and display it on their hat

3rd & 4th grade students will ALSO write an ANTONYM and a SYNONYM on a notecard for the word that they have chosen. They will have three words on their hat.

We will not have a school wide parade however each each grade level will determine how students will be sharing their hats with one another.

District Events

Save the Date for the 16th Annual Run in the Dark ~ Saturday, September 19th!!

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Last year Run in the Dark runners and walkers helped raise over $200,000 for children’s programs! Thank you so much for all you do to help us support local kids who need our help!! If you are interested in signing up, go to the link above. Please let Sarah know if you register so that we can meet there and represent KHES together.

Casey's Kids Fun Run

The fun run has been moved to the fall! The date for Casey's Kids is November 7th. More information will be shared as I receive it.

Campus Expectations

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If you have had a parent email or call or they have sent in a note about a student that is absent, PLEASE let Caroline know before the attendance bell. Everyone should definitely be able to check email or voice mail between 7:30 - 7:50 each day. Just forward the email to Caroline, shoot Caroline an email saying you have received a voice mail or send up the note and she will then know not to call that parent.

Remember, you are not being asked to contact the families of absent students this year. Caroline has taken that responsibility off your plates. :)

Reading A-Z and RAZ Kids

Reading levels will be taken a minimum of 3 times a year for all students K-4. Levels are due:

  • 1st -4th - October, February, May
  • Kinder - Nov, February, May

It is highly recommended that students who meet grade level expectations on first round be assessed by a colleague on your grade level in February

Running records are required. We all have access to Reading A-Z website for resources needed. Please arrange time with Tara if you are unsure what to use and how to use it.

A BIG THANK you to Rochelle for helping get all of our RAZ Kids accounts ready to go. Rochelle, you are a ROCK STAR!

Heart at Work

The Heart at Work Employee Recognition Program recognizes, validates and values outstanding work, while reinforcing district expectations and goals. Let's all make a good faith effort to ensure that our teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, professional support staff, custodial & cafeteria staff are recognized for the hard work they do each and every day.

The district has identified the following special recognition months:

  • September - Maintenance & Custodial Staff
  • October - Child Nutrition
  • November - Technology
  • December - Campus & Central Administration
  • January - School Board
  • February - Counselors, Diagnosticians, LSSP, OT, PT, Librarians
  • March - Nurses
  • April - Paraprofessionals
  • May - Teachers

You can recognize the special "above and beyond" efforts of a any fellow employee by writing their commendable actions on the three part form. The PINK part of the form is collected for a monthly random drawing (September - May) to recognize the employee district wide. The winner receives special recognition, such as a letter from Dr. Reid, an article & photo in the DWW, a cookie bouquet, recognition & introduction at a Board meeting, and a trophy that may be kept for a month.

Cowboy Heart @ Work recognitions

  • "Margarita is amazing! she has helped us transform a classroom into our new Discovery Learning room for our new Kinder students. The moment she was asked to help, she worked with her team to help create a great space for learning,"
  • "Flexibility is Caroline's middle name! She has helped with our new attendance procedures, developed an efficient plan to ensure we are following our district guidelines, & did so with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. Thank you, Caroline for all of your hard work!"
  • "Kelly was very helpful to our team to have contact paper pre-cut for all of the students."
  • "Robin is so giving, especially with her time. I am so grateful for her help with our technology and always being there to talk too."
  • "Kelly once again took the lead in directing traffic and announcing to students rides home at dismissal. She keeps our students and co-workers organized and safe at the end of the day. She's also one heck of a 4th grade teacher!"
  • "Caroline put in lots of extra hours on her own time to get everyone ready for the first week of school. Always willing to help out when needed."
  • "Robin went above and beyond to get the projector and my computer working in my room. And she did it with a SMILE!"
  • "Shelly Shaltry created simple command signs for my non-English speakers. Today a struggling kinder student was so excited to see the cards and be able to communicate through them. So touching! Thank you!"

I-SIP & AimsWeb

I-SIP Reading (I-station) - K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th

  • BOY Window September 8-18 for grades 1-4. Kindergarten practice administration is September 1-30 and the Actual Administration is October 1-14.
  • MOY Window January 4-15 for grades Kinder - 4
  • EOY Window May 2-16 for grades Kinder - 4.

I-SIP Math (I-station) - K, 1st, & 2nd grade only

  • BOY Window - September 8-18 for grades 1-2, KIndergarten practice administration is September 1-30 and the Actual Administration is October 1-14
  • MOY Window - January 4-15 for grades Kinder - 2
  • EOY Window May 2-16 for grades Kinder - 2

AIMS Web MAZE (Reading) and MCAP (Math) - 3rd & 4th only

  • MAZE & MCAP are required
  • RCBM (Reading) & MCOMP (Math) can be used for students who scored in the "Red" or "Yellow" as additional screeners
  • BOY Window September 1-15 for grades 3-4
  • MOY Window - January 4-15 for grades 3-4
  • EOY Window - May 2-16 for grades 3-4

Additional Planning Time for K-4 Teachers

October 19th & February 5th – Kinder Grade Level planning

October 20th & February 8th – 1st grade, Grade Level planning

October 21st & February 4th – 2nd grade, Grade Level planning

October 22nd & February 11th – 3rd grade, Grade Level planning

October 23rd & February 10th – 4th grade, Grade Level planning

The purpose is to provide time for TEKS Deconstruction for major Readiness TEKS included in the unit and to identify the common assessments to be developed and used by all team members. All teachers will still need to cover their afternoon duties to ensure that our processes remain in place.

PTA News

Goodies with Grandparents

Monday, September 14th in the cafeteria starting at 7:00 am

Glamourcraft will be on the stage taking pictures The book fair will also open on the 14th and run through Wednesday, September 16th.

Jeanna Neeley - President

Katrina Own - 1st VP/Membership

Kerri Tolar - 2nd VP/Budget & Finance

Kelli Strzinek - Treasurer

Alyssa O'Rear - Secretary