My Carbon Footprint

By: Justin Smith

The Concept of an Ecological Footprint

Gives the statistics on how much pollution we give off based on how much energy we use.

Factors that Effect My Ecological Footprint

Travel, lights, food, waste, and home energy

My Carbon Footprint vs. National and World Averages

My average was less than the national average. My average was less than the world average.

The Massachusetts Scenario

The Massachusetts average was significantly lower than my original carbon footprint.

Factors with the Biggest Effect

Home energy, food and diet

Processes used to Create New Solutions

You have to enter how much of what you do to come up with your carbon footprint. Three things you can do to reduce emissions is car pulling, eating organic food, and recycling.

Pro and Con

Car Pulling: pro-reduces pollution, con- messes up car suspension

Short Term Effect

More car repairs

Long Term Effect

Less pollution

Surprising Fact

Climate can change drastically over night