Course Reflection

CUIN 3313

CUIN assignment i am most proud of

The assignment I am most proud of is my Prezi assignment i completed. The reason why this is my favorite assignment is because i got to focus on my major and create a presentation that could be shown to a variety of audience in a non traditional way and keep my viewers engaged.Below I provided the link to my Prezi presentation below.

What I learned!

I learned that in before you get started with Prezi you should have a storyboard and have the pictures ready in a file and the information you need ready to go to make the presentation run smoothly.

How might I improve what I did?

One thing I could of improved is my pictures i could of used real life pictures. I wish I would of taken the time more to take real life pictures of HR personal working to see really what goes on.One more thing I would of done different is added a short video about HR management and how it relates to my presentation.

Implement Technology

One way i can implement this technology is by presenting it in my future classes and introducing it to my classmates as a resource to create a engaging presentation.


Taking this course I have learned a tremendous amount about web 2.0 tools and i have been able to implement many web tools into my other courses.Learning tools such as Smore, padlet, voki, voice thread have gave me many resources to use in my continuing education at UH.