Will communist keep spreading?

Countries such as china, Vietnam, etc.

More communist countries?

Communism can keep spreading if we don't secure it. China ( communist country ) can easily take over another country because of its size. North Korea might be a small country but a very dangerous one as well. Vietnam was once split in half to form south and north Vietnam but north Vietnam took over south Vietnam and turned them communist as well.

Containment of Communism has failed!!

In my opinion, communism has just never really been contained much. For many years it has been lowering for many countries such as Russia. But it has also spread to countries like south vietnam and North Korea. So that just proves that the containment of communism did not work.

About the Communist Countries!!

Countries today known as Cuba, North Korea, China, Vetnam, and more.

In many of these countries, they dont care much about their own people like north Korea and china which a lot are starving peope are within the country. North Korea is a very educated country wirh 100 percent literacy rate. Cuba is a very poor country with a lot of poverty within. China is a very huge country with a lot of people that was once led by Mao Zedong so there are alot of intersting facts about these communist countries.

Can the Whole world turn Communist!?!?

Yes, indeed it is possible that all countries can turn Communist. The Communist Countries ate strong enough to take over if they wanted too. Looking at Chinas size and how dangerous Vietnam and north Korea can be so yeah, the communist countries can take over absolutely.