WHPE May Update

National Physical Activity and Sport Month

It's National Physical Education and Sport week!

May 1-7 each year brings National Physical Education and Sport week . May is also National Physical Fitness and Sport month. It's a great opportunity to promote physical education, health, and physical activity by highlighting what your program has to offer your students.

You can find daily activities for the week on the NASPE website while more ideas for the month can be found here. Here are some more ideas for the month:
  • Create a Breakfast Club - offer morning activities during the week or month
  • Invite parents into their child's physical education class
  • Hold a wellness evening- create different stations for health, physical activity,
  • Integrate with other subject areas for a day during the month- social studies could look at the history of physical education and sport, science could focus on energy expenditure or body systems, math can incorporate statistical analysis from baseball
  • Assign PE "homework" each day- go for a walk before dinner, eat 2 fruits in one day, drink 4 glasses of water, play catch outside, invent a driveway game using chalk. Have your students share their ideas on a notice board or by submitting a picture.
  • Have a whole school quiz or post QR codes linked to physical activity and health information around your school.

Need some inspiration? Check out this amazing 95 year old!

It's always great to see people being active but when you are 95 and still working out it is something special. Take a minute or two to learn a little more about this incredible lady: 95 and Active

Celebrations!!! Let's Spread Success!

Last month I asked everyone to share their successes in PE and health - we can all take so much from the positive things that happen every day in our classrooms! More importantly, your success can lead to anothers - by simply sharing the tip that worked for you, the equipment you made or used in a new way, or something your students did that stood out, you can spread the impact of success further and further.

I am still compiling these and I have a little incentive for you: Submit your success and at the end of the month I will draw one name out of all the entries and they will win a $20 iTunes gift card.

The link below will take you to a google form where you can quickly share your celebrations: WHPE Celebrations

Monthly Fitness Challenge

Activity Bingo

This month's challenge is Activity Bingo - change the form to suit your local area and add your local events. Challenge your students, faculty, and community member to blackout the Bingo Board this month.

There are two versions of this Bingo - one for Spring and one for Fall. Both are located at:


Using Google Forms in PE and Health

If you haven't been using Google forms now might be the time to start - they are simple, easy to create, and a great assessment tool for you to use.

You can use many different questions and answer styles (short answer, multiple choice), specify which items on the form are required (name, class period) and even color code the answers submitted to indicate who entered the correct answer. Creating a QR code that links to the form provides students with an easy way to access the form during class. Given the increasing access to mobile devices (phones, ipads, ipods) students can complete a quick assessment during class with the results instantly available to you in spreadsheet form.

Joey Feith (@joeyfeith) from ThePhysicalEducator.com has just written an excellent blog post on how to use Google forms and you can view two more Google forms videocasts below.

If you are already using Google forms share and let us know how they are working for you!

How to embed a Google Form inside of a Google Doc by Adam Howell (@thedumbjockmyth)

#PHYSedagogy: Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Teachers--Episode 1.0

Using Google Forms for Assessment in Physical Education

Nathan Horne (@PENathan) created this great video showing you how to use Google forms to assess in PE.
Google Forms for #PhysEd

Quick Assessment ideas

Two quick and easy assessment ideas:
1. Show of fingers - ask a closing question and ask students to hold 1-3 fingers up to indicate their level of understanding.
2. What stuck with you? Give students a post it note and ask them to write down one thing that stuck with them from the lesson or ask them to write a question down they may have.