May 2019

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Hello From Your R10 Social Studies K-12 Consultant

Happy last month of the school year! I know many of you are ready for the summer break to begin and your students are equally ready but they will miss you this summer. As you finish up this school year, please know you are valued and appreciated.

My goal this year is to continue to grow a community of Social Studies educators in Region 10. To do this, I will be sending out a new version of a newsletter with resources, websites, tech tools and other goodies each month.

Please feel free to share any new resources or gems that you find or know of.

We have some exciting professional development opportunities coming this Summer and Fall. As always, I am always available to help you with resources and would be happy to come out and work with you to support any needs you have. Please follow us on Twitter and sign up for the Social Studies Listserv.

Look for us on Twitter - @Region10SS

Looking forward to creating a community of Social Studies Educators!


TEA has created a Resources for the Streamlined Social Studies TEKS web page to assist teachers and parents with the transition to the streamlined Social Studies TEKS. Resources included on the site include draft documents for the streamlined Social Studies TEKS and “crosswalk” documents that show a side-by-side comparison of the 2010 TEKS and the updated streamlined 2018 version. The schedule below specifies when crosswalk documents will be available on the resources for the streamlined SS TEKS web page.

  • Currently Available: Grade 8 and U.S. History Studies Since 1877
  • May 1: Grade 6, Grade 7, World Geography Studies, World History Studies, U.S. Government, Economics with Emphasis on the Free Enterprise System and Its Benefits
  • August 1: Kindergarten, Grades 1-5

The TEKS for middle school and high school social studies are scheduled for implementation beginning with the 2019-2020 school year and the TEKS for kindergarten–grade 5 are scheduled for implementation in the 2020-2021 school year.

** Upcoming PD Opportunities This Summer Over the Streamlined TEKS **

Region 10 Roadshow

June 3 - Terrell

June 11 - Red Oak

July 9 - Sherman

July 16 - Greenville

July 22 - McKinney

Lead4Ward Side-by-Sides for Middle and High School

Lead4Ward has released side-by-sides for middle school and high school for the streamlined TEKS.


Reading Strategy - Mind's Eye

I think I have become a Cult of Pedagogy groupie! Check out this interesting and creative reading strategy for students. It is called MIND'S EYE. The short version is:

  • Select a short picture book to read aloud to students.
  • Pre-select a list of 10 to 20 words that come from the story. These could be vocabulary terms related to content, an upcoming unit or lesson, etc.
  • Give students a blank piece of paper. As you individually read off each word, students should either draw a quick illustration of each word OR write down all the words and then create an illustration of those words based on what they PREDICT the story will be about.
  • After students have created their illustrations, they can quickly share with a partner.
  • Then...READ the story to students having them think about how their picture(s) relate to what is being read.
  • Finish the activity with students evaluating their prediction with what the story actually was about.

Check out the video for more information.

I love this strategy with the book "We Came to America" by Faith Ringgold.

An Eye On Literacy - Wordless Picture Books


Come Join the Fun!

Summer and Fall Sessions Coming Soon! (All At Region 10)

  • 5/22 - Creating History Labs
  • 6/13 - Civil War Era Documents & Texas History @ Pearce Museum (Corsicana)
  • 6/18 - SMU Teaching Free Enterprise @ SMU
  • 7/8 - Holocaust and Human Rights Conference
  • 7/16 - Driving on the Right Side of the Road
  • 7/17 - So...They've Streamlined the SS TEKS...Now What?
  • 7/19 - So...They've Streamlined the SS TEKS...Now What?
  • 8/7 - So...They've Streamlined the SS TEKS...Now What?
  • 8/8 - So...They've Streamlined the SS TEKS...Now What?
  • 9/6 - So...They've Streamlined the SS TEKS...Now What?
  • 9/23 - Teaching Controversial Topics in Social Studies
  • 9/27 - Integrating Social Studies w/ New ELAR TEKS
  • 10/2 - DBQ Project Introductory Workshop: Do You DBQ?
  • 10/3 - Creating History Labs
  • 10/16 - Social Studies in a Digital World/Social Studies Digital Breakouts
  • 10/28 - "Up"-ing Your Questioning Game
  • 11/6 - Designing Social Studies Lessons Using TRS as the Foundation (for TEKS Resource System Districts)
  • 11/20 - DBQ Project Follow-Up Workshop: How Do You DBQ?
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Note: This document was compiled by the Council of State Social Studies Supervisors. Many of the opportunities below are offered free or low cost, but some opportunities do include a cost.

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