Roman society

Roman Citizenship, Law, Justice, and Punishments


Citizenship belonged to all the free, lawabiding people and if you are a citizen you have the right to vote, hold offices, own property, write contracts, and finally you can go to court. But it wasn't always fair for everyone. For example, if you were a male you get to enjoy all the rights, but if you were a women you get to enjoy some of the rights since you can't vote or hold offices. Well at least it was better than being a slave, who didn't any rights at all or a freedman or woman who had limited rights.

Laws 📜

Roman laws mainly focused on marriage, inheritance-what family gets when a member dies,and contracts between people.

Justice ⚖

Roman justice was usually made in a court with a judge who made his decision with provided evidence and from trials. Also in the court natural laws were made giving every citizen rights and were usually connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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Punishments ⚔

All of the punishments were fit for the crime some of the romans commited. For example if the crime wasn't severe then they'll be fined, beaten, or sold to slavery. Now if the crime was severe then they'll most likely be exucted, banished, sold to slavery, or drowned in a river.

What We Learned 💡