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Summer Updates.....June 14, 2019

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Happy Summer!

Well, it's that time of year - SUMMER BREAK!

I'm so excited for our GATE program to move forward and have it's own space - we're venturing off on our own! It's been fabulous being at Woodland, but we will now be growing our own culture and deepening our connections. Whether you all realize it or not - we are paving the way for gifted education in the state of Michigan and I'm so proud and thankful to have you all on board. Thank you for always giving 110% this year.

Here's just some of the information I know right now....I'll try not to bug you too much this summer but I'll try to share updates when I can. While it's thrilling to think about what's next at Meadows, I hope you all have a chance to rest and recharge this summer with family and friends. Thanks again for all that you do for our students and school - have a fantastic summer!


Important Dates

  • June 20th 7:00-8:45pm: Upcoming GATE PTO Meeting at Woodland's Discovery Room.
  • July: GATE PTO Meetup at the Park - Date/Time TBD
  • Staff "getting to know you brunch" at Kate's house (2697 Nickelby, Shelby Township, MI 48316)....please let me know via email or text (248-421-0089) which dates you might be able to come: August 2nd, 5th, or 7th at 10:30am. It's of course optional, but since we have many new staff members I thought it would be nice!
  • August 12th-14th: PBL Design Cohort for Avondale Teachers - If you signed up!
  • August 27th 4:00-5:00pm: Avondale GATE Magnet School "Meet and Greet" (see below)
  • August 27-28: Teacher workdays 8am-3pm
  • August 29-30: No School (You can come in if you choose)
  • September 3: First day of school
  • October 12th: Michigan Association of Gifted Children Fall Conference

*I'll let you all know when the construction at Meadows is complete and you can come in! (If you want to, that is!!!)

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2019-2020 Avondale Schools Calendar

Works in Progress over the Summer....

I know there are lots of things you want to know! Hold tight! I'll be in the process of creating/modifying/preparing these over the summer and will communicate all important information as soon as possible.

-Determine dates for 2019-2020 school year for internal/SOC application periods, information nights, testing dates, etc.

-Determine an August date to walk through AMS with rising 5th graders.

-Plan an Avondale GATE “Meet and Greet” event.

-Create staff & student handbooks for GATE.

-Finish master schedule

-Determine additional staffing & interview

-Keeping up to date with construction at Meadows

-Order all supplies

-Review operational procedures, including emergency drills and evacuation processes.

-Create a master calendar.

-Improve/Create Avondale GATE website.

-Redesign an Avondale GATE brochure, Internal and SOC Flyers.

-Design new drop-off and pick-up procedures.

-Communicate to families to inform them of: Welcome letter, classroom placement, etc.

-Create an inviting spaces in Meadows: office, staff lounge...

-Determine the Beginning of Year Professional Development

-P2 procedures

And more....