Mrs. Myers' Memo

Friday, November 7th, 2014

No School Monday or Tuesday for Students!

Family Turkey Project

Today I am sending our our annual Family Turkey Project. This is a fun project that families really enjoy each year. There are directions coming along with the turkey template. Please read them and have fun! The short explanation: disguise your turkey so he won't be mistaken for Thanksgiving dinner. In the past, I have seen them disguised as football players, ballerinas, Christmas trees, doctors, and so much more. Have fun! And return when you are done…they will hang in the hallway until Thanksgiving break. I look forward to seeing your creativity, and NOT seeing the turkey underneath the disguise.

Book It Pizzas!

In our classroom, the students have done a very nice job reading each day! This first month, I am rewarding them each with a Book It coupon for a free personal pizza.

However, for November, each student will need to read for 20 minutes each night for at least 20 days to earn a free pizza for November. These are due December 1st. Happy