Animal Farm

Clarita Echeverri


Boxer is a hardworking and caring horse. There was never a time in the story when Boxer didn't help out. Boxer would get up earlier than all the other animals and work on the farms worst areas. No matter what the conditions were, Boxer would be there helping out

and putting in more effort than all the other animals combined. Even when Boxer was hurt and close to retirement, Boxer still put more effort then what was actually needed. The fact that Boxer would always be working showed how much he really cared about the farm.

"I will work harder."

No matter what the situation was or how bad Boxer felt he was always determined and he would always work harder then everyone else.
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Equality (or lack there of). At first there was equality between the animals. One of the 7 commandements said "All animals are equal." After old major died there wasn't equality at all on Animal Farm. The pigs always got more then all the other animals. The pigs got to sleep in the house, make the rules, break the commandments, and the small piglets had the chance to be educated. The pigs always ruled over all the other animals.

Important Events

One of the most important events in this book was Mr. Jones finally leaving the farm. The animals hadn't been fed in days and they were fed up with how they were being treated. The animals started making a bunch of noise and it woke up Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Mr. Jones went out to check what was going on and all the animals raced toward him. A bunch of angry animals against a few men. The humans were out numbered. All the humans raced out of the farm and the animals had victory and for the first time the farm to themselves. The animals started to sing "Beasts of England" and they burned all the objects that related to man. The farm was finally theres.
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The song "Beasts of England" represents the animlas freedom. The animals sung this after they ran Jones off the farm, when they won the battle of the cowshed, and on important days and important events. The songs is about the world without cruel humans telling them what to do and mistreating them. The animals being free and living a peaceful life.

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