Issues due to smoking

Issues due to cigarette smoking



Cigarette smoking is a high risk for all type of strokes. One in five U.S citizens are smokers and have a very high risk of getting a stroke. Cigarette smoking makes blood clots more likely to form and increases the amount of plaque buildup in your arteries. The combination of the blood clots and increased plaque are the right conditions for a stroke to occur. A stroke is the fourth major leading cause to death in all of the united states. Cigarette smoking is not the only cause of a stroke though, there is also things like overweight etc. Stroke is an important thing to be concerned about because it’s the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. Although smoking is already a big cause of a stroke, if you are overweight, if you have high blood pressure and have high cholesterol the risk multiplies. Although that may occur, the national stroke association has explained that as much as 80 percent of strokes can be prevented if the healthy lifestyles are followed. For example, eating healthy, being at an average weight etc. One of the major ways that causes a stroke due to smoking is that it reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. If there is little oxygen in the blood, the heart has to work harder to pump blood. It is more likely for blood clots to form as it also increases the amount of plaque build up in one’s arteries. The blood clots and plaque build up causes a person to have a stroke. People do not have the same risks of having a stroke. Many people have a higher risk due to their health lifestyle. Men and women have a high risk if they have a sleeping disorder, although, men are at a higher risk. There are usually more men than women smokers. Also, men are at higher risk than women for stroke is they have a sleeping disorder.

Lung cancer-

Cigarette smoking can lead to many diseases in the world, one of them is lung cancer. Lung cancer is due to all the tobacco inside the cigarette which will eventually turn the lungs black and they will stop functioning correctly. Non smokers also can get lung cancer due to the issue that people smoke around them. About 7,300 nonsmokers die yearly due to second hand smoking which means that they are around other males and females who are smoking and the smoke blows to them which the nonsmokers inhale. Due to smoking being addictive this has increased the amount of deaths per year. Although the number of people who smoke has decreased the number of people who get diseases due to secondhand and first hand smoking has increased. Second hand smoking can also cause premature death due to the inhalation of the smoke from first hand smokers. Pregnant women are also at risk even if they do not smoke of having a child with birth issues like low weight at birth. Cigarette smoking is the number one cause for lung cancer. In the united states, lung cancer has been known to be produced by cigarette smoking in 80 to 90 percent of the people who suffer from the disease. It is known and tested that people who smoke have 15 to 30 percent more risk of getting lung cancer. People who stop smoking have a lower risk of getting lung cancer than someone who continues to smoke. Although, they do have a higher risk of getting lung cancer rather than a person who has never smoked. The risk of this disease can lower at any time and any age. Only for people who stop smoking though.


Asthma Attack

During the asthma attack the lungs get swollen making hard to breathe,Tobacco is one of the most common asthma triggers.In addition, tobacco smoke damages tiny hair-like structures in the airways called cilia. Normally, cilia sweep dust and mucus out of the airways. Tobacco smoke damages cilia so they are unable to work, allowing dust and mucus to accumulate in the airways.

Lesly -Teeth Damage

Smoking can lead to many mouth damaging. People don't know the things that can happen for example tooth staining, gum disease ,tooth loss, and mostly mouth cancer. Gum disease is the cause that can make your teeth fall out at the same time because of how much bacteria you have from smoking tobacco. All that bacteria adds up if you leave it there for too long layers of plaque and tartar develop and that where its starts developing little by little and it causes early gum disease which is called gingivitis.

Some of the symptoms that people get when getting gum disease are loose teeth, painful chewing, tender or bleeding gums etc. Also something that tobacco does is it makes your jawbone lose which that contains all your teeth and it's another way to damage your mouth.

Periodontal disease which is gum disease is the infection. The way that it happens is it destroys soft tissues and also bone that connects your teeth to the jawbone.

Blood Vessels

What are blood vessels?Blood vessels is a tubular structure that carrys blood through the tissue and organs.Chemicals in tobacco damage our blood vessels.The damage increases our risk of atherosclerosis.Atherosclerosis is a disease that plaque builds up in the arteries.By damaging the blood vessels you can get chest pain,heart attack,heart failure,arrhythmia's, or death.