home made kebab recipe


step 1

first we bought one kg of mins beef then we got one small tablespoon and put salt in the mins beef the we got onion and cut it into half. then we had to mix the mins beef and salt and onion together for three minutes then we got the she-sh and we got the meat and we put it on the she-sh.

step 2

then we got the she-sh in the tari and we got a big tomato and cut it into half and we got one onion and cut it into half and putted it into the the tari for as in design to look beautiful we got the trai and the oven. and we putted it for 180 degrees and we had to wait for 30 minutes for it to cook and it was ready and we got the trai out of the oven and it was ready to eat it was so yummy

my mum's comment

my lovely child made beautiful meal for me and it tastes good and yummy the problem was he put to much salt