Welcome to the Spring Semester!

Mrs. Chapman's Classroom


My name is Samantha Sherlin, and I will be student teaching in Mrs. Chapman's classroom this semester. I will be graduating from Meredith College in May with a Bachelor's in English and a secondary teaching license. I have tutoring experience with ages ranging from 7 to 17 in various subjects. I have worked as a resident assistant for two years and as a circulation assistant in the campus library for three and a half years.

Throughout my time at Meredith, I have had a vast variety of experiences to prepare for this internship. I have been working and observing at Sanderson for two years, so I know the culture of the school and how to best support the students. I have had opportunities for experience abroad that have completely changed my outlook on life and education.

My goals for this semester are simple. I want to help your student succeed in the classroom, and I hope to foster an enjoyment of literature. Every class, every student, is unique and I want to tap into your student's strengths to ensure they have a successful semester.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am excited to begin this journey with your student.


Ms. Sherlin

Email: ssherlin@wcpss.net

Internship Dates

Monday, Feb. 15th, 7am to Monday, April 25th, 2:30pm

Room 218

Even though I will be in the classroom full time all semester, the dates shown above are the dates during which I will be full time teaching. While Mrs. Chapman will still be present and overseeing my internship, I will be creating and teaching all lessons. I will also be creating and grading all formative and summative assessments for students. Mrs. Chapman will stay informed of all student activity and grades, and she will provide feedback and support.