Instances for Integration

Designed to inform, inspire, interest, & intrigue each week

Edition 1.1: Listening as a Learning Tool

This weekly flyer is intended to bring you ideas as I continue to read, research, and review the latest in all things related to education and technology. Enjoy!


Inspire: Teaching Listening as a Skill...

LOVE this TED talk with 5 great points I know I'll be implementing & the 2nd link reinforces what Julian Treasure references!


Improving our listening becomes a critical skill when students aren't okay.

Intrigue...Using Royalty-Free Sounds

Do you or your students want to add sounds to digital creations? We need to stay cognizant of what can legally be added to our work and what we don't have permission to use. Give SoundBible a peek--free clips, bites, and effects!

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