Betsy Ross

Brittany Wendt

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Role in the Revolution

She was a seamstress and made many flags during the revolutionary war for the Pennsylvania navy.

3 Important Facts

1-Ross' grandma William J Canby, stated before society of Pennsylvania that Ross told him on her deathbed that she made the fist american flag by hand.

2-even if she was not the seamstress responsible for the most famous of cloths, Ross is a historical figure in her own right.

3-she ran the business on her own after Ross was killed by a gun powder explosion while performing guard duties with the local milatary

Family Life

she was born on January 1,1752 to Samuel Griscom (1717-1793)on a farm in west jersey, Pennsylvania, who moved to Philadelphia two years later.

Life after the Revolution

Betsy ross became a patriotic icon in late 19th century when slaves surfaced that she had sewn the first "stars and stripes" U.S flag in 1776.


Betsy ross made the first American flag. She apprenticed with an upholster before splitting with her family to many outside the quaker religion. She and her husband John ross started their upholster business. Legand holds that president George Washington requested that make the first American flag. George Washington, Robert Morric, and relative George ross- visited Betsy and discussed the need for a new American flag. I think she is brave because her family left her in 1776 through 1817.she is a patriot.