Sydney's Portfolio

S. Quivers 4th

About Me

I love to be around my family and friends becuase I can be myself. I am a kind of weird people but people love me anyway.I am that person that loves to laugh and just have fun. I love to sing. Last I am a person that loves to eat.


I am doing this porfolio so poeple can get to know me. I want people to read about who I am, what I like to do, and how I do things. People will get to know many differnet things abput me. I'm usually a shy person and I only let my family and friends see the real me, but this porfolio will help me let other people in. Writing this portfolio will benefit me because I will let people into Sydney's world.

6 Word Memoir

Being me, always striving, never falling.

Sun/Shadow Sentence

I am like a kitten becuase I am quiet

Inwardly I am like the number 5 because i am odd.

Favorite Quote/Response

"It does not matter where you came from, or who your parents were. What counts is who you are."- Barbara Jones

I agree with this quote because it only matters who you are and what you do, not your parents or wherever you came from.

Reflection of Persuasive Essay

My persuasive essay was about how I love to sing and the poeple who got me to love singing. My strengths were that nobody could stop me from loving to sing. My weakness was that I hated to sing in public because I didn't want peopel to judge me. I liked that assignment because I thought it was fun and poeple could tell other poeple what they liked to do. The only thing I would change is that I wuould put more details in it. That's the only thing I would change

Goddess Eessay

My Goddess is Athena

"If you always greatly honor the kindness the kindly ones, you will surely be preeminent, keeping your land and city in the straight path of justice." The name Athena means goddess of wisdom. Athena also stands for warrior and teacher. Athena is like a warrior for women. Government of Greece should rename me Athena because I give people wisdom and I many of the same strengths as her.

First, I am like Athena because I give people wisdom. People always come to me with things that they have on their mind and I give them advice. I think I am a pretty smart person like Athena so that’s why when I give advice it’s really good. Those people always end up thanking me and telling me that I give really great advice. Athena is like a mother to the gods and goddesses and she give them wisdom, I am like the same in a way because my friends come to me when they need wisdom.

Second, I am like Athena because her strengths are intelligent, and defender and I’m also like that. Athena is intelligent and many people tell me that I’m also intelligent, so that’s a strength we have in common. Athena is also a defender. I’m a person that will protect and be there for my family and friends. That’s why I think I have those two strengths in common with her.

Athena means goddess of wisdom and warrior or teacher and I have many of the same things in common with Athena, that’s why I think the Government of Greece should rename me Athena. Some people might think that girls don’t have wisdom or is a warrior. I think you should prove those people wrong and do what you believe. That’s why I think girls can be warriors and we can give many people wisdom. I’ve been giving people wisdom and advice for a long time and that’s why I think the name Athena is perfect for me. There is no better name to choose than Athena.

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Antigone Quote

"All men make mistakes, but a good man yeilds when he knows his course is wrong and repairs the evil he has dare. The only crime is pride. Give into the dead man."- Tiresias

Self-Reliance Essay

People should seek giudance on life's important matters becuase they have been through it before and it can keep you from doing bad things.


I think I did good on the essay but i also think i could have done a little bit better. I think i need to work on thinking of more and better ideas. My favorite essay would have to be the self-reliance essay.