Medlin at a Glance

April 29, 2013

From the desk of Mr. Drewery

Good morning everyone!

We have finished STAAR for the year with the exception of the Algebra EOC and a SMALL number of 8th grade retakes. On first administration of the 8th grade STAAR we had a 97% passing rate in Reading and a 96% in math with commended rates of 45% and 14% respectively (both up from last year)! In addition, 100% of our 7th grade PreAP math student passed the 8th grade STAAR. Congratulate all those students and teachers for all the time, effort, and work they put in this year.

BUT - it is not over yet. We have about fifteen 8th grade students needing retakes. I have given free rein to those teachers needing to tutor students to prepare them for the 2nd administration. Thank you in advance for your flexibility over the next couple of weeks as we do everything we can to get those students prepares to do their best!

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

― Margaret Mead

Important Reminders

  • The faculty meeting this Friday will start at 8:15 instead of 8:40.
  • The discussion forum for Chapter 6 of the book study is open. Posting are due Friday before the faculty meeting.
  • The semi formal dance is this Friday from 7-9. The sign up sheet is in the cafeteria. Remember, it is an expectation that all staff attend attend and help with at least 1 dance.
  • No CSI the last six weeks - you must still comply with district grading policy.

Upcoming Events

5/3 - Faculty Meeting - Book Study Chapter 6

5/3 - Medlin Red Carpet Dance

5/6 - Medlin Awards Night-All professional staff needs to attend-professional dress

5/10 - Last SBBB of the year is due - talk to your Department head about options - Must include peer commentary.

5/10 - Faculty Meeting - Instructional Rounds Debrief

5/10 - Talent Show

5/17 - Faculty Meeting -

5/24 - Faculty Meeting -

5/28 - Urban Air/25 Book Challenge Trip

5/31 - Faculty Meeting - End Of Year Procedures