Serving a Volleyball

by Savannah Smith

How to do it

The first thing you want to do when you serve a volleyball is make sure you bounce the ball a couple times before getting into your stance and think of you favorite song this helps with nerves and stress. Then make sure the whistle blows and your behind the serving line. Next put your feet shoulder length apart, left foot behind you right foot in front of you. Then after that toss the ball not to high but not too low if your not happy with your toss then let the ball drop to the ground (do NOT catch it) and try again. When you get the perfect toss then you want to hit it with lots of power near the palm of your hand. tip: always find the weakest player on the other team and try to serve it to them by positioning your body towards them.

about servers and serving

servers have to have strong powerful arms and be able to handle the pain of the ball when it slaps against there palm they also have tons of pressure on them and they have to be able to not think about the surroundings other than the game and they have to be able to spread out their hands really wide and have to be able to be ready for the return.

You should really try it

lots of the time questions are asked about this because its so important in volleyball a question is if a player is wearing a different color jersey than everyone else are they the main server the answer is no they can only play the front but in any position.

the importance of serving

Serving is the main part of the game, if you cant serve you cant be a volleyball player most of the time. Always remember even though serving is important in volleyball teamwork is the most important thing. If you have any questions about serving contact me
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