50 Facts About Weight Watchers Diet

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50 Facts

1. They claim you'll lose 2 pounds weekly

2. Not only a diet but behavior and exercise program

3. Weight watchers started in the early 1900s

4. The largest commercial weight loss program in the world

5.The philosophy and goal of weight watchers is to help its members achieve a healthy weight through learning new eating strategies, nutrition, and being active

6. They were once owned by Heinz ketchup

7.They have eight different meal plans

8. In the 2000s they had 2 million people participating

9. There is different point systems for different countries
10.Weight watchers has used a point system to help members control their food intake without counting calories

11. $12-$15 per week, plus a registration fee of $20

12.Your pointsplus target is a number based on your gender, weight, height, and age

13. The biggest success story comes from America

14. The first meeting was held in UK in 1967

15.It has the NHS stamp of approval

16.They make millions

17.The Duchess of York is a fan of weight watchers

18.Their stock tag is WTW

19.You can still eat at restaurants during this diet
20. 2 million people who signed up to weight watchers lost a total of 11 million pounds in 2011 alone

21.They have online coaches

22. In your pointsplus foods like fruits and vegetables carry the least amount of points

23. They make over 18 million dollars a year

24. Processed foods have a higher amount of pointsplus

25. You can still drink alcohol

26.The CEO is James R Chambers

27. The founder is Jean Nidetch

28. A big mac is 14 points

29. The headquarters are in New York City on Madison Avenue

30. Give you a certain amount of points you can intake

31.Have to keep track of food and points

32. One of the most popular foods is cabbage soup

33. Weight watchers is international

34. Their slogan is "Stop Dieting. Start living.'

35. It is located in 30 countries

36. Cookies and cream ice cream is only 5 points( Half a cup)

37. The diet is based on calories and portion control

38. There are no required foods

39. You can have an app

40. A floor once collapsed in a weight watcher meeting

41. Although the foods are very pricey the diet works

42. Celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey and Kirstic Alley were all weight watchers spokesperson

43.Weight Watchers helps participant's lose weight by forming healthy eating habits

44.If you choose the meetings based program, you will meet and get a lecture by a weight watchers instructor

45. You don't have to follow the guides and recipes everyday

46. Since guys have a higher muscles mass, their point target is higher

47. A cookie has a value of 2 pointsplus

48. An apple has a value of 0 pointsplus

49. You can have breakfast, lunch, a snack, dinner, and a dessert

50. You will get guidance from a leader who has lost weight within the weight watchers program

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