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The Exciting Month of August

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August is a power month of the year. It is the energy of completion, loose ends tied, the past healing and the future are now a little clearer for us all. This energy asks us to venture outside of our comfort zone, to have the experiences which we have previously denied ourselves of. In doing this we open ourselves to enlightenment. August is the eighth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and the fifth of seven months to have a length of 31 days. It was originally named Sextilis in Latin because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC, and March was the first month of the year.

The animal spirit for August is the Salmon. People with the salmon totem have an increased ability to get a “feel” for others. This sense is especially real if they are a healer. Folks with this spirit animal totem, like the terrier dog, are also sturdy and can persevere when others are not able to. They often pick a life filled with challenges knowing that within each problem lies a decisive goal and the opportunity for growth. People with this power animal also have strong spiritual desires. They will work tirelessly to manifest them. Studying genealogy is essential to these folks.

Down Time

Family time is very important as it gives families time to reflect. Families tend to share a lot about their lives during this time whether it be what happened in school, at a friend’s house, work or simply reflecting on a fun time with the family. We should all make a point to spend time with our loved ones whether it be our children, spouse or significant other, Mother and Father, and other relatives. Children love to be a part of fixing things. They enjoy the sit-down time of reading together and learning through the excitement of a book. Teenagers while sometimes distant still want their parents in their lives. Teens love to volunteer their time and volunteering with them can be a way spending time together. Remember your spouse or significant other. He or she is the most important person in your life. Turn your mobile device off when alone and rekindle the connection of just the two of you. Start the day together with a simple cup of coffee or maybe a walk together. Mom and Dad always welcome a phone call or text. Just a simple “I love you” or “thinking of you” can go a long way and put a smile in both their hearts. Spending time with family is important as it can benefit us all in different ways.

July was and is a special time for our family. There are so many things that take place during this middle month of the summer. One of the greatest days of the year is Family Day. For us that day occurs in July. It was twelve years ago this month that we were blessed with the adoption of our son. We left for Vietnam excited, anxious, and nervous. We spent a full day preparing and going over the process of what would take place over the next twenty-one days. Our second day in Vietnam our son was placed in our arms. It didn’t take long for the tears to swell up in our eyes. He continues to teach us many things and has brought many blessings into our lives. This year for family day we visited Dave and Busters for an array of video game playing. Afterwards we decided on Buca Di Beppo for dinner. On the way home we stopped at Cabela’s and our son put on his wish list a new 12ft fishing pole. We assume he believes he will be going deep sea fishing instead of the usual mountain or lake fishing around our home. He will be a teenager in a few months, and we look back and say “wow” where did the time go. My Mother came out for an extended weekend. We always look forward to her visits. We enjoy the talks, laughter and love she brings with her. We love to sit in the family room and watch the hummingbirds out the back windows. Our son spent time at the swimming pool, and we continued our twice daily walks of a morning and evening. We took time to play games and introduced the game Clue into our smorgasbord of games. Family time is not about finding time it’s about making time, and time spent with family is worth every second. It's about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With Love...

The Magic of Flowers

Most of us live in urban areas or busy cities where nature is tamed and does not take an important place in daily life. However, nature is more than just a place we can visit during our holidays or weekends. Nature is our origin and the place where all our subtle needs for beauty, mystery, and adventure are met. Nature holds many gifts for us if we prove willing to explore its magnificent diversity.

The Gladiolus

Because of their association with gladiators, the gladiolus flower meaning is strength and integrity. They also symbolize infatuation. By giving a gladiolus to someone, the giver sends the message “you pierce my heart” to the receiver, because of the flower’s pointed shape. Another gladiolus meaning is remembrance.

The Poppy

The Poppy is one of the most widely used symbolic flower around the world. Ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman societies linked it with sleep due the sedative effect of the plant’s sap. The Greeks tied it to sleep because of Morpheus, the God of sleep. The Victorians gave the flower a variety of meanings based on the color, including consolation for loss, deep sleep, and extravagance. Chinese and Japanese flower experts recommend the Poppy for couples because it means a deep and passionate love between two people. Other colors represent success and beauty in Eastern cultures. The red Poppy is the traditional flower of remembrance for Europe and North America because of its ties to World War I and II. Some people simply think it is a cheery sign of summer because of its size and intense colors.

August Horoscopes


Leo is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac. It corresponds to the constellation Leo and comes after Cancer and before Virgo. The traditional Western zodiac associates Leo with the period between July 23 and August 22, and the sign spans the 120th to 150th degree of celestial longitude. Leo is one of the constellations of the zodiac, lying between Cancer the crab to the west and Virgo the maiden to the east. Its name is Latin for lion, and to the ancient Greeks represented the Nemean Lion killed by the mythical Greek hero Heracles meaning 'Glory of Hera' as one of his twelve labors. The story of the Lion always speaks of bravery. This is an animal fearless and impossible to challenge, hurt or destroy, their only weaknesses being fear and aggression towards those they confront. Living in a cave, a Lion always needs to have one, nesting and finding comfort in hard times. However, they should never stay there for long. With their head high, they must face others with dignity and respect, never raising a voice, a hand, or a weapon, bravely walking through the forest they rule.


Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Virgo is the second-largest constellation. It spans the 150-180th degree of the zodiac, between 152.75 and 180 degree of celestial longitude. Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often tender, their heart might be closed for the outer world. Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but, on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious, and they want to accomplish something.

Tarot of the Month


The month of August brings us nice surprises. The three cards pulled are for the 31 days. The first card being the first ten days, the second card being the next ten days, and the last card being the remaining eleven days. For the beginning of the month I pulled the Temperance card (Major Arcana), this card implies that Temperance will inspire us to be more ourselves, bringing out the pure essence of our being and approaching life in the way a child does, with wonder and excitement at the newness of being.

You are on the verge of a new lifestyle and if you seek it you will find peace and contentment more than you ever have before.

We can put things into perspective and bring some balance and harmony into our daily lives if we can just slow down a little and take time to see the beauty that is there all around us.

We may start to appreciate that the Sun comes up every day, the scent of fresh flowers as they bloom in Springtime and the color of the sky on a clear blue day, and if there are some clouds, they can appear like puffs of fairy floss and seem almost edible.

You are being guided to bring out the best in yourself and in your surroundings. You may feel the desire to get closer to nature and this can manifest in various ways. Either you start a garden or buy lots of plants to put in your home or you move out to the country and live on a farm or other type of similar situation.

Also, you can more readily tune into your emotions and what gives you satisfaction in life. You are on the verge of a new lifestyle and if you seek it you will find peace and contentment more than you ever have before. For mid-month, we have the six of swords. This card speaks of travels/journeys. Aren't you lucky if you draw this card? You may be about to take off to further horizons and go exploring. This is a card of travel and usually means going over water, though can mean an ocean voyage specifically.

You are usually not going alone, there is someone else with you. It is also a card showing that you are protected in some way or someone is looking after you and your needs at this time. It is time to relax and enjoy yourself and take time out to explore other parts of this wonderful world we live in.

It is quite an adventurous card and shows that you are ready for new experiences and will welcome whatever changes arise. Your longing for distant shores also means that your life may have been becoming a little stagnant of late, and you need fresh air and a change of scenery. Go someplace you have never been before and allow yourself to flow with the winds of change. To end the month, we see the six of cups. This card shows a young girl and a young boy playing in a field and around them are six cups filled with nature. This is often associated with memories of past events, in youth or with your early family life. Perhaps someone from your past catches up with you and brings some good news into your life.

It is also a card suggesting that you allow the child within to come out and have some fun and get together with those you care about. The season can be representative of Spring or Summer and also suggesting that that time will bring happiness and contentment.

You may also be on the receiving end of some lovely gifts, and sometimes particularly flowers. There are fortunate and fun events coming if you allow yourself time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak and to get out there among others in the world and socialize. You may also purchase new clothes during the coming few months. Looks like a beautiful month filled with love and explorations, enjoy it and fill yourself with the love of the sun’s energy!!

Honoring Yourself



Why is disappointment a one-way street? We feel as though we are disappointing all those we care about, but very rarely do our loved ones view us a disappointment. Disappointment sits in our solar plexus. The sensation of feeling like a disappointment comes from lack of confidence in yourself. It becomes an emotional block when it's time to make great big powerful strides in our life. Fear of disappointing others is also a fear of success. Disappointment should be used as a catalyst to keep moving forward, but instead it is used as a way to stay stuck. Disappointment, like all emotions, is inevitable. The goal isn’t to stay stuck in disappointment and fear moving forward, but to move forward anyway knowing that on any path there may be disappointment and there also may be success.

Spiritual Practices


When most people think of salt, they think of it as a way to add flavor to food.

Salt was originally used to purify meat and to rid it of negative energy.

Salt is protective and it absorbs negative energy.

If you want to keep negative people out of your home or office just sprinkled some salt across the threshold.

Pinches of salt can be places in the corners of a room to dispel negativity and to promote a positive healing vibration. Also

Bowls of salt may be placed into a room to absorb negative energy or psychic energy disturbances.

Salt can be used for casting your ritual circle by sprinkling it counterclockwise to remove negativity before casting a circle and sprinkling it clockwise to seal positive energy in the circle.

Crystals and stones can be placed on a dish of salt to clear the energy before and after use. Please research whether salt is harmful to a particular stone prior to use. Malachite, selenite and calcite are the names of a few stones that you should avoid cleansing with salt.

You can make your own holy water by obtaining a cup of water from a natural source and adding a teaspoon of salt to it. Clear your mind, say a prayer and set your intention to bless the water. Carry it with you in a spritzer bottle to use as needed for protection and to decrease anxiety.

Salt is associated with Archangel Metatron, all of the chakras, the planet mercury earth and water.



As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery. Its secrets are locked beneath a pearly veil, and with them, our own hidden truths. Only within its reflected light can we begin to understand what it has to teach us. Moonstone is foremost a talisman of the inward journey, taking one deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, then brought to light. Since earliest times, Moonstone has been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon - an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. Our ties to the moon are strong. As it waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection, it creates the tides and rhythms of our Mother Earth, and influences our behaviors, emotions and spiritual growth. Moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life. Named for its moon-like sheen, Moonstone is a Feldspar mineral exhibiting a soft, watery opaqueness and a silvery-white reflection called chatoyancy that moves as a line across the surface as light varies. Moonstone occurs in delicate shades of peach, blue, gray, white and a prismatic variety known as Rainbow Moonstone.

Blue, or Cat's Eye Moonstone, promotes clarity of the mind and inner vision, keeping one focused while in a meditative or altered state of awareness. It is particularly helpful in seeing emotional patterns and life lessons, and in balancing yin and yang energies.

Gray Moonstone is a stone of perceiving beyond the veil - useful to the clairvoyant and shaman, and in moving one into unseen realms. It is called the "New Moon Stone" and carries the mysteries and powers of the new moon, where all things exist as potential.

White Moonstone carries the energy of the new moon at the height of its power, stimulating psychic perception, vision and dream work. It can magnify one's emotions, activating the kundalini energy in women and emotional balance in men, and is supportive in children to drive away nightmares or insomnia.

Peach or Yellow Moonstone supports the heart as it stimulates the mind, soothing worry or anxiety, and bringing out the best in people. Its loving energy promotes the Divine in all situations, and is an emotional support for intuitive or sensitive children.

Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing energy throughout the aura. It provides psychic protection, clearing the mind and senses, and aids in lucid dreaming and calm sleep. It deflects negativity and eases emotional trauma. Aligned with the Goddess, Rainbow Moonstones connect with the energies and spirits of Nature, from plant devas to galactic consciousness.

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