Building a Birdhouse

By Hunter Drake

Reasons for a birdhouse

Do you have a bunch of birds in your back yard? If you do, you should get a bird house or maybe a bird feeder. Don't just have a lawn chair and table, add a birdhouse or a birdhouse.

supplies you will need

You will need many supplies. The supplies you will need are safety glasses,drill,drill bits,wood (2/6), palm sander, saw, wood glue.

which do birds prefer house or nest?

when birds are in a house they want a house that has a ladder that they can climb up to fly away from the house. With a nest, they can just fly out of it because its wide open.

the steps for a birdhouse

Connect the two bottom pieces. You'll need two pieces of 1x6 lumber. One should be cut to 5 1/2" in length, the other should be cut to 6 1/4" in length. Connect them so that they overlap and the top ends end up being roughly equal height. Glue them together and allow them to dry.
  • Once it is dry, nail or drill through one and into the other to secure them firmly (use 2 nails/screws, equally spaced).Attach the back panel. Cut a back panel from a piece of plywood to be 7" square. Glue along the back edge of the bottom pieces and them press the square into place. Once it dries, screw at four equally spaced positions, passing through the back piece and into the edge of the bottom pieces.
    • It may help to pre-drill the holes for the screws.Attach the roof. Lie the birdhouse down on a stable work surface, which the back flat against the surface. Take two roof panels, cut from 1x6 boards. One will need to be cut to 9" in length, the other will need to be 8 1/4". Fit the pieces so that they overlap and sit flush with the sides and back panel. Glue and then screw them into place, using 4 equally spaced screws, as before.Add support braces. Get 4 L brackets and install them at the centers of the four corners of the box you've formed (connecting the sides and roof pieces). Make sure the screws used to install the brackets are not too long; they should go only to the mid-point of the wood.
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  • Predator Repellants: Different products that can be used to discourage predators from approaching a bird house. Hot pepper sprays or other products with strong smells and tastes can be applied around bird house entrance holes, on bird house poles, on nearby plants or on the roof of the house, wherever predators may come close to the house. Songbirds do not have strong senses of smell or taste and will not be put off by the products, but predators will be.

Animals that will kill them

  • Cats
  • Snakes
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Opossums
  • Bears
  • Chipmunks

Birdhouse Problems

1. birds build their nest before a house is up.

2. birds never stay near the bird house and nest else where

3.birds nesting build their nests lower than where the house is

4. clean the birdhouse if the bird is no longer in it

5. buy a smaller tube entrance and hole restrictions.