Live Math/ELA Lessons & More

Elementary, October 2020

Sessions begin Monday, October 26, 2020


Remote Education Facilitators

The district will be revising our hybrid and remote instruction plans to provide elementary school students with live synchronous learning sessions in both math and ELA to all remote and off-cohort students. Staff who typically provide basic skills and enrichment will also serve as Remote Education Facilitators (REFs). REFs will provide live 25 - 30 minute sessions in both math and ELA with all remote students and with all off-cohort hybrid students on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays during a typical weekly schedule (5 days).

Will these lessons replace the activities from the classroom teacher?

These lessons will be designed to offer live instruction aligned to the learning taking place in the classroom. These lessons will not replace the activities assigned by the classroom teacher, but they will provide live support and direct instruction for key understandings while complimenting the lessons and activities in the classroom.

When will these lessons take place?

These lessons will begin on Monday, October 26, 2020. Each student should receive a link posted in Schoology or an email inviting him or her to the virtual learning room at a specific time set by the staff member. Keep in mind, that sessions may occur outside of the in-person, early dismissal hours. One reason for the in-person, early dismissal schedule was to connect with and support learners working remotely. Therefore, students may be scheduled for sessions within the timeframe of 8:45 - 3:30.

What is the expectation for classroom teachers regarding connecting with their students?

Our students need and want to see their teachers, and we would not want to reduce any time you have provided to them. You'll need to be mindful of the new times that students will be meeting with the REFs to avoid any conflicts, but we are encouraging staff to connect with their students on their own at least twice a week. Thank you for all you have been doing to test different options and models for your students; it is deeply appreciated.

Is attendance required at the REF sessions?

Students are expected to attend regularly in order to fully maximize learning and this resource. If a child has an reoccurring conflict with the time scheduled, families have been directed to inform the teacher conducting the session. The staff member will forward the conflict to administration so we can determine if the child can attend a different session offered by another elementary staff member.

How will BSI services change?

Students identified for basic skills services will be included in all live synchronous learning sessions, and they will also receive supplemental services weekly. Although the total time for intervention will be reduced in frequency and duration, these students will also have more opportunities for live instruction.

How will Enrichment / Gifted and Talented services change?

Students enrolled in ELEMEnTS will still receive the majority of their units asynchronously. However, the three staff members instructing this program will help improve our overall group size by delivering live synchronous learning sessions in mathematics to students, where needed. Students in ELEMEnTS will also meet in live sessions to collaborate and share their learning.

Virtual Etiquette

Students should present the same level of respect they would bring to an in-person setting. During virtual meetings, students should use common courtesy and avoid criticism of others.

Students should dress, prepare, and behave in a virtual meeting as they would for an in-person school day. This is a classroom setting. Students should adhere to our dress code, avoid distracting behavior or backgrounds, and keep their attention on the meeting. We have respectfully requested for all families to support this effort by providing a quiet place for their child(ren) to connect virtually. Families have been advised to follow the directions provided by their REF. Since the virtual meetings are for students, we respectfully requested for only the child to log on.

What other challenges are being addressed?

What other challenges are being addressed?

The Elementary Focus Groups, both the school and district groups, have provided valuable feedback to support our staff and students during these challenging times. In order to phase in our effort to make improvements, the following items will be addressed in the near future:

  • Reduce the need to check multiple tasks within one assignment (e.g. Seesaw, Nearpod)
  • Provide tech supports in a manner which is easy to reference and locate
  • Revise our attendance procedures
  • Consult with publishers to improve program implementation

We look forward to working with our Focus Groups to continue to navigate improvements and revisions that may be needed throughout the year.