Hairy Angler

One sophisticated underwater death trap.

General Information

Scientific Name: Caulophryne Polynema

This awesome angler is located only at the depths of 1,000m's (3,300ft).

This creature is only the size of a football but is covered in hundreds of thin, long antennae which detects any tiny movement which is made.

The male is a tenth of her size, which is the size of a ping pong ball but hey!

Alike the Deep-Sea Angler Fish the male also attaches to the female for life, the female supplies the male with nutrients and in turn the male supplies the female with an endless supply of *mreps* (note read that bit backwards)

Secret Information

Despite the look of the Angler it's colour is actually red but light cannot reach those depths therefore the colour is hard to see.

Also we don't know how much their species weighs.