ANZAC Day Parade

A special day for all Australians

Short bio

ANZAC or Australia and New Zealand core was our first military group to fight in a major war

Cause of WW1

According to many sources the cause of world war one was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. He and his wife were there to see and look at the armed forces but after the route that was planned for them to take was abandoned a young Serbian assasin saw his chance to kill them and he did firing bullets Into both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofie. This led to the Austrians and Hungarians attacking the Serbians for the tragedy and sparking a war. due to the allies the two countries had with other countries this forced Russia, France,Germany,Britain and Italy to join the war as well (eventually Italy switched sides to win the war). The Australians close ties with Britain as we were still a young nation is what caused Australia to get involved also.

Australians involvement in the war

416,809 men in listed in the Australian army to go and fight overseas. Our men where first off sent to Egypt to train. After that the went to possibly the most recognised places in history that our troops visited, Gallipoli. Those who survived that tragic event where sent to the western front to fight. We had a significant impact on the battles that we took part in as we had one thing not many of the other armies had, Mate-ship.

Significant Australian Battles

Our men fought particularly in two places the first was Gallipoli and the second was the Western Front.Our ANZACS attempted to fight the turks on the shores of Gallipoli but failed miserably, after being stuck there from april 25th to December 20th 60,00 Anzacs were killed and 156,00 suffered some other form of injury. The Australians that survived that battle and more where then sent to the western front. The Western front as a massive battle that took place in France and Belgium where we lost 46,000 thousand Anzacs out of 295,000 in a battle which we fought in from March 1916 to December 1918

The impact on Australians back home

In the beginning the War was seen as a big adventure for Many Australian men who took it as a chance to see the world and be home before christmas,sadly this was not the case. over 100,000 Australian men died in a war that lasted 4 years. This tragedy tore apart so many Australian families that lost men and boys as young as 15.The economy also took a massive hit when our ties where cut with Germany and Austria, although as many items we used were made out metal our steel industry boosted massively. Women also saw some benefits as with a lack of men they had more opportunities to find jobs with decent pay.

Anzac day significance

ANZAC Day is very significant for Australians as it is a day where we can mourn the lives of those who fought to protect us and the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we could be a free country where people had the freedom to make whatever choices they want.

Anzac Day Parade

Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 9am

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, VIC

Come to pay respect to the fallen Australian men that fought to protect us and keep our freedom


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