8th Grade Trip

To the Outer Banks

Where you go on this trip

The Aquarium

The Beach

Jennets Pier

The Roanoke Island Festival

The Wright Brothers Memorial

Mako Mike's

Fast Food Resturants


and a Wings


You can learn about the ocean and it's organisms if you go on this trip. In the aquarium there are several presentations you can watch that talk about ocean life and threats to the ocean. The employees where nice and helpful. At the beach you can see the ocean, tides and waves, sand, seashells, and possibly dead things like crabs or fish. There weren't many people at the beach so it was quiet. At Jennets Pier you can learn how to fish and clean fish. The employees where friendly and cooked lunch.

Social Studies

You can learn about the lost colony and the Wright Brothers if you go on this trip. At the Roanoke Island Festival you can learn about Native Americans, English settlers, and about boats. The tour guides were friendly and they allowed us to interact with stuff on the boat and in the blacksmith shop. At the Wright Brothers Memorial you can learn about planes, the Wright Brothers and what they did to fly the first plane. There are several things that where used to build the plane here, and a plane.


The hotel we stayed at was Travelodge. The hotel was quiet, served free breakfast, and had balconies with the rooms. The resturant we ate at (if you don't count fast food) was Mako Mike's. The food was great and the service was good. We also went to a beach store called Wings and three gas stations.

Made By: Katie Gibson