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Bond Proposal Election on May 7, 2016

On May 7, 2016, Plano ISD voters will decide on a $481 million bond proposal to fund initiatives recommended by the Plano ISD Facilities and Technology Task Force. Appointed in August, 2015 by the Plano ISD Board of Trustees, the task force included citizens, business leaders, teachers, principals and parents. The task force reviewed enrollment trends and projections, established construction and renovation needs, validated costs and sought input from fellow community members. After five months of study, debate and public input, the task force made final recommendations to school trustees which are included in this bond proposal. If approved, the bond initiative will provide funding toward eight major project areas with no increase to the tax rate and will impact all Plano ISD campuses through district-wide security updates, renovations and facility upgrades, as well as technology improvements. Find out more, including specific project allocations, at www.pisd.edu/2016bond. You may send questions to askpisd@pisd.edu.
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Congrats to our Titan Science Fair Participants!!

Neel, Jenna, and Luke were outstanding representatives at our district science fair yesterday! Luke placed second in Environmental Engineering, and all three learners will advance to the regional fair. Go Titans!!
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Parent Communication Regarding Student Safety Surveys

Dear PISD Parent,

As part of a District-wide school safety audit being conducted by District Safety and Security Services, all students in the 5th grade and above will be asked to take a student safety survey at school. The survey will be taken electronically during the school day, and will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The survey is anonymous and your child will not be identified in any survey results. The information being gathered in the survey is important in fulfilling the District’s goal of providing a safe and secure environment in which our students learn.

For your review, the survey questions are listed below. Please note the actual survey will be taken at school.

Students will begin taking the survey on Wednesday, February 17th. If you do not want your child to participate in the survey, please notify the school principal, Lynn Ojeda by email lynn.ojeda@pisd.edu not later than Tuesday, February 16th.

If you have questions about the survey itself, please contact District Safety and Security Services at 469-752-8057.


Lynn Ojeda


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Spirit Wear Design Contest Winner - Lan Bui!

Congratulations to Lan for her winning design (below) for the PTSA spirit wear contest! Lan's design will be sold next year along with other great choices from the PTSA. Go Titans!
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1st Year ENews by Alexander Gonzalez

The First Year’s fourth project this year, A League of Our Own, concluded with the competition at Clark Stadium last Saturday. Before the tournament began, each of the teams were divided into 8 alliances, as mentioned last week. When the tournament started at 11:45, teams lined up in order by highest ranked alliance and paraded onto the field with their banners. Each alliance had been given a schedule of when they would shoot, starting with alliances who did the best in preliminary rounds. The learners that were not on the field during matches were doing an assignment that involved filming their peers and commentating on the competitions. Commentary included useful information such as team history, identity, colors, and team mascots. Teams are said to have done a great job on said commentary, especially describing the events on the field. Alliance 6 eventually won, even though they had been known as the underdogs of the competition. Carrying the magnificent trophy into the air, Alliance 6 went home in cheers and the end of A League of Our Own project finally arrived. The First Years have now embarked on their new project, Tiny Homes, and Need-to-Knows (N2Ks) are being generated by them to fully understand what their new project has in store for them.

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2nd Year ENews By Jonathan Main

Two weeks into their second project of the semester, Quantum Leap, Second Year teams focused on the basic storyline and characters for their games. Convoluted diagrams scribbled on white boards and post-it notes plastering the walls are evidence of learner engagement and project management. Hoping to create the best game possible for their target audiences, teams have been gathering data and polling public opinion. Teams have been researching time periods and plotting their timelines, as time travel is a requirement for their video games. Visuals are a huge part of game design. To ensure better and more realistic graphics, learners have been experimenting with perspective, as well as exploring the math behind how two-dimensional polygons come together to create complex three-dimensional figures.

3rd Year ENews by David Yang

Academy Third Years are preparing their exhibits for presentation night, March 1st. Groups have been working on informative posters and memorabilia from their assigned presidential terms.

In addition, learners are required to present an Adobe flash animation, that describes how energy is harvested, including but not limited to utilizing nuclear or wind energy. The animation must be 90 seconds long and contain a descriptive, easy to follow animation about the energy type. Meanwhile, In the subjects of Chemistry, U.S. History, and Statistics, learners are required to develop a hypothesis test to determine whether or not a sample mean corresponds to a null hypothesis (assumed mean), based off of samples ranging from opinion polls to temperature recordings.

When the Fab Lab opens next week, Third Years will begin the process of constructing the skeleton of their exhibits. Parents and administrators are holding high standards for the grade level, in terms of both content and the engineering in groups’ Decision Rooms.

4th Year ENews by Emily Ware

This week, learners have been continuing work for their It’s Alive projects, many starting on their physical deliverables. Presentations will be March 1st, as with the Third Years’ Decision Room presentations. Many learners have also realized the looming Capstone presentation deadline, causing them to work more on their Capstone projects, especially during designated work time. Learners are also busy writing their group multi-genre English pieces, and trigonometry assignments in PreCalculus. As they are in the middle of a project, much of the school day is spent in project time or seminars.

4th Year Conflict Art Pieces in progress...

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Sam Stidd and Kyle Feist presenting on Feudal Japan during the Sengoku period ~ learning how to bow like a Samarai

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Congratulations to Fourth Year Emily Ware and Third Year George Schaffer for being accepted into the Artist Residency Program with Jay Shinn at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas!

Over spring break, these two Titans will be working with the world-renowned artist and 10 other students from the DFW area. Only 12 students from around the metroplex were chosen for this program, and we are honored to have two of them be from the Academy. Learn more about the museum here: http://crowcollection.org/ Learn more about the artist, Jay Shinn, here: http://www.jayshinn.com/ This photograph is a picture from the exhibit of his work from his website:
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Counselor's Corner:

Summer Opportunities

Looking to do something different this summer?

There are many great opportunities for summer enrichment and even college credit.

Stop by the counseling office and check out the many flyers we have received from universities across the nation.

Some of the programs include Entrepreneurial Development at Babson, Summer Studio classes at School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Pharmacy Camp at Samford University, Sports Media Camp at Oklahoma State University, Camp Neuro in the Dallas area, and Penn Summer Academy in Biotechnology, Computer Science, Nanotechnology, or Robotics. Stanford University has more than 100 courses to choose from in their High School Summer College Program and Missouri S&T offers an explosives camp a nuclear engineering camp, and a summer research academy, just to name a few.

Seniors and Scholarships

There are 31 scholarships listed in Naviance-be sure and check them out to see which ones you might be eligible to apply for.

Most Plano ISD elementary school PTAs offer scholarships to former students. Stop by the counseling office to see if your elementary school has a scholarship!

You can also find scholarships at fastweb.com.

AP Tests

If your learner is planning on taking an AP exam this spring, payment for AP Tests is due by February 26th.

Payment can be made in cash or through PayPAMS.

Below are the instructions:

· Payment for AP exams can be made by check or through PayPAMS.

****Learners taking the AP Art History Exam MUST pay in person to Mrs. Parker.

The fee for that test is wrong in PayPAMS. The correct fee is $92.00

Payment by check : Give to Mrs. Parker in the Counseling office

-Checks should be made out to Plano Academy High School.

-Each AP exam is $92.

-In the memo line, please write your students name and ID number.

Payment by PayPAMS:

Go to https://paypams.com/HomePage.aspx

-Login to your current account

-On the main menu, look for: AP Test – Plano Academy High School

You will choose either “high school” for 1st 2nd years

“senior high school” for 3rd years

-Choose every exam for which you are preparing

-The total payment will be calculated by PayPAMS.

-A $3.00 fee has been added to each test in order to use PayPAMS.

Academic Conferences

We are almost finished meeting with all the second years and their parents.

Third year conferences begin later this month-watch for your invitation in the mail!

Colleges on Campus

University of the Incarnate Word will be here to meet with interested sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

February 18th at 2pm in the CUBE.

Sign up to come in Naviance!

Seniors and MidYear Transcripts

If a university you have applied to requires a midyear transcript, please let Mrs. Parker know.

Colleges on Campus

February 23rd- Texas Colleges and Universities College Fair at lunch featuring over 15 Texas institutions.

February 26th- Lunch time college fair including: Louisiana Tech, Ohio State University, Purdue University, University of Kansas, University of Missouri , University of Pittsburgh

Plano Mayor’s Summer Internship Program

There will be a press conference held at our school regarding the internship program next week! Look for the story in local media outlets!

Interested in an 8 week paid internship program in a company or non-profit in Plano?

They will be looking for 50-100 interns.

The program is open to sophomores and juniors who will be 16 years old before June 13, have a GPA above 3.0, and a solid attendance record.

Flyers are available in the Counseling office or check out the website at www.planomayorsintern.org for more information.

Drug and Alcohol Prevention Information: “Did You Know”

Increasing Overdoses From Synthetic Cannabinoids (“Spice,” "K2,” etc.) in Several States.” Follow this link to learn more! http://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/emerging-trends

Junior Senior Prom Fashion Show ~ Titan Talk Friday, Feb.19th

Our PTSA and LAB (students) invite 3rd and 4th year learners and parents to this Titan Talk where special promotions, prom and after prom details, and tickets sales will be shared!
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From our PTSA ~ Save the Date ~ Polar Bear Plunge!

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Parent Survey Opportunity


This link is to a survey prepared by senior, Caty Miner, as part of her capstone projects. Thank you in advance for sharing your responses!