MJPS Kindergarten

Term 3 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Maroubra Junction PS for another term. The students are already halfway through their Kindergarten year and they have certainly matured emotionally, academically and socially over these few months. Congratulations to all our students for settling so well into the school environment. Many thanks also to you for your continued support in building the strong and postive connections between home and school which are very important to your child's education.

We are looking forward to working closely with students, parents and our community in ensuring improved student outcomes for all.

All enquiries about student progress should be directed to the class teacher. The Assistant Principal or Principal can discuss wider or whole school concerns. Please make an appointment with the school office or by ringing 9349 8333.

Key Kindergarten Dates

Incursions & In-School events:

Education Week - open classrooms Monday 28 July

3-6 9.00-9.45

K-2 9.45-10.30

Jeans for Genes Day Wednesday 30 July

Going green with Deane Friday 1 August

K-2 Book Week Author Visit Monday 18 August

Book Week Parade Tuesday 19 August

Crazy Hair Day Wednesday 20 August


K-2 Athletics Carnival Tuesday 2 September

Taronga Zoo Wednesday 3 September

P&C School Events:

Read-a-thon Monday 18 August - Friday 5 September

Father's Day BBQ Friday 5 September

Mufti Wednesday 17 September

Last day of Term 3 Friday 19 September

First day of Term 4 Tuesday 7 October

For whole school events please refer to the weekly newsletter


- Please read all notes that are sent home. It is a very busy term. There are a number of school events organised by both the teachers and the P&C. The MJPS newsletter is available on the school website. If you do not have access to internet, there are limited paper copies available at the office.

- Please label all your child's belongings, including lunch boxes, lids and drink bottles.

- Please pack healthy food for school. Please pack recess and lunch in separate containers. This assists the students with their independence and organisation. Be aware that we have a number of students in Kindergarten who have severe food allergies especially with nuts.

- When you send money to school, always place it in a sealed envelope marked with your child's name, class and what the money is for. Please staple the permission note to the OUTSIDE of the envelope. All money should be given to the class teacher. Please do not give money to the office.

- All absences, including if your child is late to school, must be accompanied by a letter of explanation.

Term 3 Assemblies

Our assemblies this term will be held on Friday 9.00 - 9.30am. These assemblies will be run by our Y6 student leadership team. Class assemblies will resume in Term 4.

K-2: Friday 25 July

3-6: Friday 8 August

K-2: Friday 22 August

3-6: Friday 5 September

K-6: Friday 19 September

Term 3 Staffing

Class Teachers:

KF - Caitlin French

KC - Aneesa Cummins

KG - Melinda Gimblett

KL - Lauren Yook

KS - Sharon Guider

Community Languages:

Chinese - Hong Jin Wu

Greek - Mary Stamatellis


Sue Mirow

Assistant Principal:

Easter Carmeli

Support Staff:

Learning Support - Easter Carmeli

EAL/D - Karen Middleton

SLSO - Justine Scott



Tuesday: KF KC KL KS

Friday: KG
Dance 2B Fit:

All students should wear their sports uniform.


All students should wear their sports uniform.

Tuesday: KG KS

Wednesday: KL KC KF

Wednesday: KC KF

Thursday: KG KS

Friday: KL

Links to help you at home

Key Learning Areas


The news topics for this term refer to our HSIE unit 'Meeting needs' and our Science unit 'Staying Alive'. A paper copy of the news topics has been sent home. If you don't have a copy, please ask your class teacher.

Home reading continues this term, each night from Monday to Thursday. It is very important that your child reads to you EVERY NIGHT. This time should be enjoyable for both you and your child.

During our shared and guided reading activities, teachers will continue to focus on our Super Six Comprehension Strategies. This term the focus will be on:

'Questioning': Good readers ask questions to better understand the text. Learners pose and answer questions that clarify meaning and promote deeper understanding of the text. Questions can be generated by students and teachers.

'Visualising': Good readers put together everything they have learned to understand what they read. Learners create a mental image from a text they have read, viewed or heard. Visualising brings the text to life, engages the imagination and uses all of the senses.

We will continue learning our phonics this term. If you are not sure what are our sounds for the term, please see your class teacher for a paper copy.

Our writing this term is both informative and descriptive. The students will learn to write a general statement that identifies and classifies the subject of the information report.

This term, we begin our Number maths groups. The students have been assessed and grouped by the teachers according to their learning needs in the area of number. Teaching and learning activities for each number maths groups are appropriate and ability based. In our own classrooms, students will continue to learn and develop various concepts which cover all strands of the syllabus - Patterns & Algebra, Data, Measurement and Space & Geometry.
Human Society and it's Environment

Our unit of work this term for HSIE is 'Meeting Needs'. This unit provides opportunities for students to explore their immedicate needs - food, shelter, clothing and love, highlighting social justice, beliefs and moral codes. The unit emphasises the skill of classiying information. It focuses on how needs are met by people and resources, as well as students' responsibilities in meeting these needs.

In Science and Technology we will be learning about 'Staying Alive'. This unit provides opportunities for students to investigate needs for survival of animals, including humans, and how our senses helps us stay alive. Students' understanding of basic needs and their importance in our lives will be developed through hands-on activities.

Students will be learning about Road Safety this term. The Kindergarten sports program will focus on skills to prepare sudents for the K-2 Sports Carnival later this term.

During computer time, Kindergarten will be using and navigating the internet. This is especially an important skill for the students to learn. In some of our Kindergarten classrooms, the students are using iPads as part of their learnings. The students are using Apps that support their learning as well as creating books where they are inserting pictures and videos of themselves.

Can you help?

We love having parents helping with home readers and listening to students read. If you are able to help, even one morning a week or fortnight, please speak to your child's teacher.

Thank You

We are looking forward to another great term with the students.

Ms Gimblett, Miss Yook, Miss Guider, Miss French, Mrs Cummins & Mrs Carmeli

This term's newsletter photos are from KG and KL. Thanks KG and KL for your fabulous photos.