By:Hannah Smith

Background information

Capital : St. Georges

Major Cities : Gouyave , Grenville , Victoria , Sauteurs

Controlled by : France

Independence : Grenada gained independence on February 7th 1974

Official language : English

Flag description : red , yellow , green , 7 stars , 3 on top , 3 on bottom and one in the middle

Geographical information

Where is Grenada : Southeast of the Carribean sea

Physical features : volcanos: Submarine Volcano mountains: Mount. Saint Catherine rivers:Black bay river

Interesting facts

Tourists information

Why people should visit : great seafood , beautiful sites

What should tourist see and do : Fort George , open markets and the Grenada national museum

Political information

Type of government: democracy

Leader : Keith Mitchell

Economic information

Currency : East Carribean dollar

Economic system : Captilism