Society without laws

By Andy Wichmann

So it all started out when one day the government decided to danish all laws. At first me and my friends were excited, finally we can get that game we always wanted. Since there were no laws, no one followed the speed limit because i mean why not? Whose going to stop us? So were on our way to lowa city to go get that game when we realized that i was almost out of gas. So we decided to go get a full tank of gas at Casey’s. People are going are going crazy! Everyone wants gas for their cars. People are getting in to fist fights over who gets a stop at the gas station. We just sit back and wait for a stop for us to open up. Finally one opens up and we are finally getting gas. Once we leave, we hear gun shots! Some guys in this truck start shooting up the gas station. Unfortunately one of the guys shoots the gas pump and BOOM. We then get to iowa city going 90 mph because there is no speed limit now and no one can stop us. Once we get to iowa city we see everyone running out of the stores with brand new tvs and other expensive items. We wanted in on this. So we get some tvs a couple laptops and new sunglasses. Now all we need is a new ride. We go to a chevy dealership and we get a camero. 2013 sliver and red. Its pretty sweet. A couple weeks later we realized how much we miss the old government with laws. No one is working. No more gas for our cars, no more new things for our homes, no more food to eat. The only way we can eat is if we go hunting for it or go fishing. The worst part of this thing is, No hospitals. People are getting sick and dying because they can’t go to the hospital. No one is working there! You wonder how long someone can live like this.

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