Endangered Species

Amur Tiger

Species Profile

Amur Tiger
Panthera tigris altaica
1940's- Over Hunting
The vast tracts of tiger forests in the Amur-Heilong landscape are unique. This region is comprised of Korean pine and Mongolian oak, which provide an important habitat for Amur tiger and its prey as well as important economic resources for local communities.

Amur tigers have the largest home range of any tiger subspecies because low prey densities means they have to search over large areas to find food. They represent the largest unfragmented tiger population in the world.

Range map and current status

They lived in Amur-Heilong in the past, and in the present.

There are around 450 Amur Tigers now, which was vastly improved from just 40 Amur Tigers.

Recovery Plan

The recovery plan for the Amur Tigers is to release extra prey (deer) into their habitat, and to fully protect them from hunting and deforestation

General Information of how to help

We can help save the Amur Tiger by funding WWF, and to point out flaws and loopholes that can cause people to further harm these tigers, and their habitat, along with people there.