Junior High

By Felipe Martinez

Nursery Rhyme

Recently an insane woman has been found talking to a mirror. The King’s wife is the insane woman. He found her screaming at the mirror while he was going to go to the restroom and wash up. The King says he is very confused why she kept yelling “Snow White is Fairer?! Not a chance!” The King then sent her to a hospital for help. We appreciate the King’s dedication for letting us write this news article. Thank you for reading and buying today’s news. Come again.

Trading Card!

Keera & Felipe M.

Have you ever been walking and stumbled upon a turtle dog? Well, Larryette, with eyes like a hawk, has seen a turtle dog. She was just taking a walk in Kindalandia and she happened to see turtle dog derp. She decided to take him home and play with him.

First,she wanted to see where he came from and how he got here, so she went to the library and used the computers and checked out some books to learn more about turtle dog. She learned that he came from Narnia. She didn't find out exactly how he got here.

Second, she wanted to get him checked by a doctor to make sure he was safe to keep as a pet, so she got a little cage for him and loaded him up and took him to the veterinarian. The vet said he was safe, but if you make him mad he will bite. He was nice and happy most of the time.

Movie Review TLOTR

A ring lost in time that was found by a hobbit that couldn't control his liking for the ring. A different hobbit tricks the possessed hobbit into giving him the ring then passes it to his son Frodo. The young hobbit fights many battles to reach Mt. Doom. Losing friends one by one. The lone hobbit with his follower Sam continue the journey to burn the ring. Chased by enemies, passing through puzzles, and trying to live. Enjoy the thriller of the century.

Survey for favorite sport

Track:8 32%

Soccer:3 12%

Baseball:5 20%

Football:3 12%

Swimming: 24%