Emperor Claudius Wanted Dead !

By: Vanessa Villereal

Emperor Claudius

Emperor Claudius ruled from 41-54 AD. He was known for being the only surviver heir of Augustus and was also a brother of an war hero Germanicus. He was disfigured with a serious illness at a very young age, for having these problems he was clumsy, coarse, and was the butt of his family's jokes. He was also known for being a hard worker and starting work just after midnight everyday.

Wanted for? & Who wants him?


Emperor Claudius was wanted for his spot of power as being an emperor. He will be known for being a hard worker and passing laws and fixing up Rome like no other emperor could ! He's wanted dead because his wife also known as his niece Agrippina wants her son Nero to become Emperor. And an obstacle that's stoping her from making Nero Emperor is Claudius because he still alive. Therefore that's why he's wanted dead. REWARD FOR BRING HIS BODY TO AGRIPPINA IS $1,000 COINS AND FOOD !!