Emperor Penguins

by Bailey

Emperor Penguins, the Antarctic birds are black and white.Their stomachs are white but everything else is black. They have spiky tongue to help them eat slippery fish. When Emperor Penguins get tired they use their stomachs to effortlessly slide along.

Emperor Penguins eat fish, krill, crustaceans and squid. Due to reproduction fathers go without food for over 125 days. They are satisfying to leopard seals and the babies to large birds.

All Emperor Penguins are born in the same place, the coastline. After the mother gives the egg to the father she has to go and feed herself otherwise she will die. The father nests the egg in his Brood Pouch. As I mentioned further up this is when the dad goes without food for over 125 days. If the mother isn't back with food in time then the father will have to abandon the child and go and feed itself. If a mother looses her child then she might try and steal another child.

Emperor Penguins live in Antarctica but maybe not for long because it is melting over 60 cubic kilometres each year. Scientists have said that Antarctica will have completely melted by the year 2100. They can hold their breaths for over 15 minutes and can dive to depths of over 550 metres deep.

The amazing Antarctic bird, Emperor Penguins!