Inquiry, Collaboration, Reflection

An Exhibition of Teacher and Student Learning

Sidwell Friends School

Wisconsin Avenue Campus Thursday, April 23, 2020

This exhibition aims to present the ongoing learning of teachers who have embarked on “making visible” their work with students, with the goals of engaging the community and enriching our understanding together.
Although each of the projects in the exhibition will reflect a different kind of learning journey, they all should adhere to common criteria and have aimed to nurture certain dispositions (to question, to listen, to think deeply about what we have heard, to reframe our original ideas). We feel that both criteria and dispositions are reflected in our title: Inquiry, Collaboration, Reflection.
The exhibiting educator will identify the inspiration for the work and the “propellant question(s).”

The teacher will document:

  • the progressive understanding of learners
  • challenges that arose
  • the exhibitor’s own responses and reflections
  • new questions that emerge from the iterative reflection cycles

We invite all DC-PZ educators to take part in this exhibition, either as exhibitor or attendee. Contact Jim Reese ( if you have any questions.

One of the most daunting aspects of this undertaking may be the prospect of recording one’s own thinking

“There is so much!” “Where do I begin?”

“When will I find the time (maybe tomorrow . . . )?”

Starter Questions:

Can you describe your inspiration for this investigation?

Describe briefly the work you posed for the students.

In what way did you incorporate documentation of this work? (Viewing and reflection)

What question(s) arose from your students’ work? (These can include students’ questions in addition to your own questions as you looked at student work.)

What did you do next to address those questions?

What are you considering doing in the next iteration of this work? (How will you and your students be looking again/anew at this work? How will you capture that reflection? Where are you thinking of taking it next?)

Potential Exhibit Working Space:

What might the title of your presentation be?

What was your inspiration?

What are your “propellant” questions?

What kinds of documentation are you currently working with or considering?

Can you capture some of your own reflection on the work at this stage?

What do you need/what would you like to help you proceed further?

What to do next...

If you would like to exhibit on April 23, you should be in touch with Anne Charny at Sidwell Friends Middle School ( or Denise Coffin of the Lower School ( so that they can set aside exhibition space for you. You may create a display on boards, on a laptop, or in other forms. It is important, though, to emphasize the process of learning and to begin with a “propellant” question or questions—something that drives the investigation. And don’t forget to include your name and school/organization prominently in the display!

Let us know...

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Thank you!

Inquiry, Collaboration, Reflection

Thursday, April 23rd, 4:30pm

Wisconsin Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC