Middle/High School Faculty Meeting

February 1st 2016

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New Email

50/50 Split


Password Must Be Changed

Send Only From Kinetic

Delete the Unnecessary

February 12th is Google "Training"


PBIS = Consistency

Cell Phone/Device Policy

ACT Plan of Events

March 8th - Outline the Schedule/Resources with Students

March 9th - State Fair Presentation on Tips For ACT

March 10th & 11th - Divide Juniors Give Pointers for ACT

March 17th (Band to Columbia) - Juniors will ACT practice test in the morning with a REAL RUN-THROUGH. Tests will be scored/evaluated

March 22nd - Juniors to UCM for ACT training

March 29th & 31st - PBIS ACT Prep Questions

April 4th-8th ACT TEST Prep During PBIS/OR April 4th 1/2 day Study Session

April 14th - Students will re-test their worst two areas from before

April 19th - GO TIME FOR ACT and ASVAB

Any teacher interested in embedding questions into a routine let us know.

Teacher Observations ROUND 2

The sign up sheet will be on my door.

Different teacher than before.

Must be completed by our next faculty meeting (March 2nd)

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