Often people want to see pieces of who you are as a person, not an advocate, walker, stylist - just a regular person. So today I'm sharing a little bit of me. No, I don't mind if you comment or share some of you with me.


When I was little I had a big book of dreams.

All things that I was determined would be done and I'd be unstoppable.

Yet, none of them ranked as high or important as my passion, my escape, my relief from reality (kids world) my time of excellence, pride and confidence - #DANCE! I have loved the arts from the time I saw them on television, then live up front and personal.

I knew I had to do this, I could do this. My mother believed and fed the thirst relentlessly.

See, what you don't know is I am a dancer in the deepest parts of my soul.

That is where I can release all the fears, worries, pains, doubts, joys and work through whatever it may be.

It is the place that I am #FREE

Dance transitions you not just physically but figuratively and literally as well. Life is a whole different arena when you dance. No, I'm not talking about achieving and receiving accolades, I mean just being free.

Having a moment in the day to watch and re-watch, study all the moves and feel as though it will happen this time, no this time, no this time, working until it is a reality. Going to auditions, fighting to earn those scholarships, taking classes all week into the night and performing is a life in itself of a whole other place.

Like any passion, it never leaves you, you may leave it but it remains there - in the deepest parts of the soul. All you do is get into anything that is art connected to be in the arena, the ambiance, the core of the passion - to be surrounded until you feel enveloped in that passion.

I was sitting still today and it came upon me to move and though I was stimulated, I sat and I smiled.

I relived years of memories that come along with that passion.

The shopping for shoes, leotards, leg warmers, tights, because#Capiezios is where I lived all the time.

Doing what I needed to get there and only buy the best, heading to#LincolnCenter, being on #Broadway to shop and get it all, ahhh!

That was the life way back when. Giving the look to and getting it from others in a particular dance school that wondered who I was, why was I there - did I belong.

I belong because I made it in and that was good enough for me.

I'll never forget the first time I saw her face - it looked just like mine and I knew it was possible.

She kept me in line to not let others keep me outside. Last year and the year prior to student(s) have asked if it were me and I smiled.

I was honored and honest for I knew in my mind yes it was me in another place and time.

Shade is everywhere, but don't let it deter you from living your dream to its potential.

Encourage your child to explore, dwelve into and enjoy the artistic side of life no matter how long or short it lives.

The freedom that comes with it is unlike anything they'll ever experience again in life.

I stood and thought about giving it a twirl or two, but the dogs got up as well.

I may not physically have like I used to but...

The passion is still there, in the deepest parts of my soul.

My dream was not denied.

It was filled and lived for 12 wonderfully blessed years!

Thank you mommy,

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